"This doesn't make me mad. This doesn't piss me off. This infuriates me!" (Missouri)

Oct 13, 2009


Charlie Porter

Charlie Porter
King City, Missouri

Here awhile back my doctor told me, “If you don’t get yourself and your family out from under those windmills, they will destroy your health and eventually kill you.”

Between listening to these noisy, invasive monsters, her [my doctor’s] advice, the lack of sleep, waking up with headaches, etc., we could take it no longer.

As bad as I hated to do it, we bought a modest house in town last Friday.  We close on November 4th and will be moving as soon as possible after that.  Our quiet country way of life will be over, destroyed by the thoughtless [expletive deleted] called the Wind Capital Group. 

Our daughter will not grow up in the country, like we had dreamed.  We will not build a new home, like we had dreamed, on the farm we worked so very hard to get paid off over the past 15 years.  I will not be able to be next to my horses, like we have been.  If one gets out, if one gets sick, if one has trouble foaling, if one gets cast in it’s stall, and numerous other situations that can and will occur—my horses will be on their own until morning. This could and will cost us thousands of dollars.  It will take away the immediate access to the horse business for our daughter. It will become more like a job to me than a way of life.

It is impossible to put a figure on what the thoughtless [expletive deleted] at Wind Capital Group have cost, and continue to cost, myself and my family.

This doesn’t make me mad.

This doesn’t piss me off.

This infuriates me!  

It’s all I can do to keep from going postal. If a foreign country were to do something like this to innocent American families, it would not be tolerated.  It would be stopped by whatever means necessary.

Instead, our flaming idiot of a president gives the wind industry 8 billion dollars. The sad part is that the wind monsters are no more than giant white elephants. They cost too much, and run too little to ever “save the world.”  During the time they don’t turn, which is most of the time, the red lights on top of each one, plus the numerous heaters in each one to keep the hundreds of gallons of oil from freezing, still run, taking electricity away from other sources. Trying to save the world using wind monsters is like trying to gain weight eating only celery. You actually lose weight eating celery, just like the energy, fuel, cost and carbons released into the air, compared to the very low output they create, does more harm than good. All this at the taxpayers’ expense.

This sign will be nailed to our front deck next to the road, as soon as we’re moved out. I might even put it in the newspaper.

“This precious home abandoned due to the overwhelming noise and proven health issues caused by Giant Wind Turbines!  Thanks to the Wind Capital Group!”

Just last night, the noise was unbearable. A window air conditioner was running less than 20′ from our bed.  A ceiling fan was running directly overhead.  We had the TV turned on and tuned into a muzac channel.  We did everything we could think of to mask the invasive noise.  However the [expletive deleted] things still kept us awake.  Even my pillow vibrated in time with the turning blades. 

To say this is bullshit is a vast understatement. This is, and will continue to be, a living nightmare.

  1. Comment by Anne Britton on 10/02/2009 at 9:00 pm

    This is heartbreaking, to say the least. My heart goes out to these victims—the victims of greedy, foreign corporate welfare.

    Sorry, Charles, that this has happened to you and your family.

  2. Comment by Robert A. Henninger on 10/23/2009 at 3:03 pm

    First of all, I would like to express my sympathy for the trauma this incident has caused you and your family. My heart goes out to you. I’m currrently working with a small group of citizens endeavoring to develop a strong offensive movement to prevent a planned wind farm in our community. It will not only threaten our life style but livelihoods and property values, as it has unfortunately affected yours.

    This so-called “wind farm” is currently being planned for a scenic stretch of highway near the town of La Veta, Colorado (Rte 160). Fifty to 100, 400 ft tall windmills will be built. It seems most people in the surrounding communities are ambivalent, due primarily to having access to accurate [inaccurate?] information on the adverse effects this will have on the community. What advice would you give to us under these circumstances?

    Thanks for any advice and suggestions you may have.


    Bob Henninger

  3. Comment by Charles Morgan, P.E. on 10/31/2009 at 4:44 pm

    To: Mr. Porter and Mr. Henninger

    The Low Frequency Noise (LFN) is not only emitted by wind turbines, but also natural gas compressors, and high power lines. If the LFN cannot be contained as for compressor stations. Then, the ony thing I can think of is noise cancellation similar to Bose noise cancelling headphones or a design change of the blades

    The wind turbines would each have to be surrounded by noise emitting sources of the same frequency and in sync with that noise emitted by the wind turbines in order to cancel out the LFN. Low Frequency Noise is noise having a frequency between 25 cycles per second (cps) and 500 cps. A sound meter that reads the frequency and decibels on the “C’ Scale between 25 cps and 2,000 cps can show what you are dealing with. There are companies that do this for a fee. For compressor stations, the LFN travels from five to eight miles. For wind turbines and due to their great height, the LFN could travel much farther.

    I do not know whether anyone has researched changing the pitch of the wind turbine blades or cross section of the blades to eliminate the LFN. I have not. It could be a design issue. I suspect that designers have only looked at maximum wind thrust and not the noise aspect at all.

    The LFN causes Vibro-Acoustic Disease (VAD). Just type in for search on your computer those words. You will find lots of information on this disease. Also type in health effects of noise to see that LFN causes adrenaline release that in turn constricts blood vessels that in turn damages the heart and brain. I have had brain damage from LFN from compressor station noise and have been diagnosed with VAD by Dr ‘Debbie Wright, M.D. a heart specialist in Lafayette, Indiana, who knows about this disease. This is an insidious disease and people will not know they have it until an echo-cardiogram is performed on their heart and is reviewed by a doctor who knows what to look for, a thickened pericardium of the heart. I know of only two doctors in the U.S. who acknowledge the disease.

    To my knowledge, no one has determined the LFN effect on livestock. My select herd bull has gone sterile. I never had that happen before in ten years of ranching here. The nearby (0.9 miles) compressor station has been real active about three years.

    I have consulted with 25 different large law firms all of whom will not take on my case on a contingency basis. I can’t afford the $50,000 required to press a legal case.

    There is a 1972 Noise Control and Abatement Act for noise control. However, the EPA developed guidelines for noise control, then in 1982 the Administration at the time delegated authority for noise control to state and local governments. Only six states have noise laws: California, Illinois, New York, Maine, Massachusetts and recently Colorado. If you live outside the city limits, you are just out of luck having someone enforce the EPA guidelines. It requires a civil suit in a U.S. District Court.

    I have researched the noise issue for one and a half years trying to find effects and resolution.


    Charles E. Morgan, P.E., Inactive
    Executive Director,
    Citizens for Environmental Clean- Up
    P.O. Box 1534
    Fairfield, Texas 75840

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