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F. Owen Black, MD, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Senior Scientist and Director of Neuro-Otology Research, Legacy Health System, Portland, Oregon.  (Editor’s note:  Otolaryngology + Neurology = Neuro-Otology.  Otolaryngology = Ear, Nose, Throat specialist.)  Dr. Black is one of the foremost balance and vestibular (inner ear) researchers in America. 

The video, below, features Dr. Black discussing Dr. Pierpont’s forthcoming Wind Turbine Syndrome report, which Dr. Black read in manuscript.  Our thanks to KATU Television, Portland, OR.  (To open the video, click on the left-most button on the control panel at the bottom of the video screen.  To pause the video, click on the button again.)

For more reviews of Dr. Pierpont’s report, visit Peer reviews on this site. 

Wind Turbine Syndrome (ABC News Channel 3, Palm Springs, CA).  See “Migraine, wind turbine connection still being examined” (8-11-09), “Local man’s migraines attributed to Wind Turbine Syndrome?” (8-4-09), and video accompanying the latter article.

Wind farm near Iron Ridge, Wisconsin, May 2, 2009 (with thanks to Better Plan Wisconsin)

Ontario child wakes up at night screaming.  In her study, Dr. Pierpont notes that young children woke up screaming from night terrors caused by turbines.  This is a possible explanation for the screaming and the fact doctors could find nothing when examining the child. 

CTV Canada, October 2008

Home of Larry Wunsch, Byron, Wisconsin, Spring 2008.  Be sure to read noise engineer George Kamperman’s analysis of this turbine noise, under Diaries & Reports

Does this sound like a refrigerator to you?  No, you say?  Really?  Well, my good fellow, the American Wind Energy Association says you’re wrong.  “Today, an operating wind farm at a distance of 750 to 1,000 feet is no noisier than a kitchen refrigerator.”  The British Wind Energy Association waxes romantic.  (Ah, the devilishly charming Brits!)  It declares turbines remind people of “the noise of leaves rustling in a gentle breeze.”  (Excuse me while I get out my hanky and weep.) If what you just listened to doesn’t remind you of rustling leaves, old chap–you’re probably not a wind salesman.  The Editor

ABC New’s Charles Gibson holds a microphone to a wind turbine outside Bowling Green, Ohio, October 7, 2008.  Click on the image, above, to listen to the result.  He wryly calls it “the sound of the future.”  Heaven help us!  The Editor.

Noise of a single turbine in Aberdeenshire, UK

Then there’s the shadow flicker.  The American Wind Energy Association says it “should not [pose] a problem in the United States.”  Really? 

World’s largest turbineThe Enercon E-126 is capacity rated at over 7 MW.  Rotor diameter 126 meters (413 feet).   By way of comparison, an American football field measures 360 feet.  Hence the rotor itself is 1.15 times larger than a USA football field.  These turbines are currently being installed in Germany.

Charlie Porter’s horse farm, King City, Missouri:

Sign along fence-line at Charlie Porter’s horse farm, King City, Missouri.
The fence runs along a busy county road, according to Mr. Porter.

“In this photo the big crane in the background is replacing blades on 21
of the 27 wind turbines all around our home, because they’re cracking,”
Charlie Porter 8/11/08

“What do wind turbines sound like?”  Here is what the Meyer family experiences
(The Meyers live outside the town of Byron, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.)

Interview with Realtor, Barbara Ashbee, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada, 1/15/09.  First of two-part video.

Interview with Realtor, Barbara Ashbee, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada, 1/15/09.  Second of two-part video.

Wind turbine public meeting.  Port Elgin, Ontario (Canada), June 22, 2009.  Meeting was sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Natural Resources.  With appreciation to Ron Stephens.

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