“Headaches so bad you can’t think straight!” (Australia & Canada)

Mar 22, 2011


Editor’s comment
:  Two letters we received over the weekend.  One from South Australia, the other from Ontario, Canada.  Two victims—guinea pigs, really—of Wind Turbine Syndrome.

We dedicate this article to the Board of Health of Falmouth, Massachusetts.  (See “A Disgrace to Science and Public Health.”)

John B. Waterbury, PhD
Member, Falmouth Board of Health

I agree with Dr Sarah Laurie.

I came here, to Waterloo, South Australia, for the rolling hills and the peace and quiet—and what did we get? Yes, high blood pressure—fast heart rate—no good sleep—nausea—chest pain—headaches so bad that you can’t think straight—and that sound of the “jet” coming over the mountain—and the nights you wake up in a panic with your heart racing and vibrations going through your body, just like an earthquake.

Some have moved into town. I can’t go; I just got here 6 years ago and have put all my money into my house.  Besides, who would want to buy my house or live with these wind turbines?

Please listen to what she is saying!

I think a 15km distance from people and their homes is a good start.

Andreas Marciniak
Waterloo, So. Australia


As a resident living with turbines, I can see how symptoms progress with time, with some people, and are immediate with others.

The saddest part is that those who are suffering are not able to associate their symptoms to the turbines.

I now have neighbours talking about elevated blood pressure and migraine headaches. Yet they continue to deny that the turbines are the result of this.

What can one do?

Colette McLean
Ontario, Canada

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