Wind Turbine Syndrome “sensitization” (Ontario)

Mar 3, 2011


Editor’s note:  The following is from a Wind Turbine Syndrome victim, a school teacher, who had to vacate her home well over a year ago.  Lock the door and leave.  She is currently living in a rented home 6 km from the “wind farm.”

Even at this distance, however, she has begun experiencing WTS symptoms.  As Pierpont takes pains to explain in her book, many people become sensitized to the turbine infrasound.

The writer, by the way, has asked to remain anonymous, for reasons that will be obvious as you read on.

Last weekend in Ontario we
had a holiday, making it a three-day weekend.  I currently live 6 kms from the nearest turbine. I spent the entire weekend at home—which wasn’t a good thing, unfortunately.

We had a very strong west wind Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Turbines are to the west, meaning the noise/vibration from the approximately 80 turbines came my way. I was very ill, Friday night to Sunday.  In bed all day Sunday.

I experienced typical Wind Turbine Syndrome—nausea, tinnitus, blurring of vision, headache, dizziness, high blood pressure, achey bones.  All very severe. I also had pain in the center of my chest, more towards the left side, near the bottom of my heart. I experienced this another time and thought it was likely pleurisy (I had that two times in the past and felt about the same).

In hindsight now, I think Nina was correct in saying she thought I had Vibroacoustic Disease, when she interviewed me at the Picton WTS conference last October. This is the second time at my current residence that I have experienced the above-mentioned symptoms. The first time it happened, our dog, as well, had a seizure.

Before I moved from my home near the turbines in Clear Creek, I periodically experienced sharp pain in the chest when I inhaled (i.e., my chest expanded). I had a stress test and all appeared to be fine. After I moved from the first place (my home) to my current rental, this pain diminished.

On Saturday, I also had an abrupt onset of unexpected very heavy uterine bleeding.   It started with severe pain. This stopped completely later in the day, to return again on Sunday. It has been very bad since. I am as white as a ghost and think I may stay home tomorrow. I cannot even make it up the stairs at school without becoming very winded, stopping briefly and trying not to be noticed.

Since I moved away from the turbines, I have become extremely sensitive to the turbine low frequencies, and cannot be around them for more than an hour before experiencing symptoms and becoming lethargic.

I am afraid that where I currently live, which, as I say, is 6 kms from the turbines—when the wind is in the right direction, I cannot tolerate the exposure, and will have to leave where I am currently staying.

I haven’t gone to the doctor this week. I expect it will be the same old thing—not much he can do for me but tell me “perhaps I should get away.”  That’s what he always says.

I am very frustrated over not feeling well. I’m also disappointed to think I will have to move again, once our lease is up at the end of May. I really like it where I am now; it was the best thing that happened in a long time.  Made me feel good.

I am hoping for success with the Ian Hanna lawsuit—hoping the turbines will be shut down until further scientific evidence, allowing me to move back home.  Though it’s likely wishful thinking.

If I can’t move back home, I think I will list my house.  Although I hate to burden others with my problem, I’m having a difficult time keeping two homes.  Not much selling at all out that way.  It’s likely mine won’t, either.

Many of my neighbors who have turbines are bitter and angry towards people like mewho speak out. What they do not acknowledge is they did not make these agreements knowing the harm that they cause. They were misled, ignorant of the facts. I think they are angry with themselves and with the wind company. There are many who believe the government would not let this happen.

I must tell you, most days at dusk the deer come out to feed in the cornfield behind the house where I currently live. I often watch for them if I am home. I have seen 8 at the most. They are out again tonight.  How wonderful is that?

And in the distance across the fields, you can see those bloody blinking red lights!  And so the saga continues.

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