Fed up with “peer-review double-blind scientific bullshit!” (Falmouth, MA)

Jan 9, 2012


Editor’s note:  The following manifesto was written by a woman who’s been suffering terribly from Wind Turbine Syndrome for the past several years.  In Falmouth, MA.  Sue Hobart.  Click here to watch her interview with Dr. Pierpont.  

Sue wrote the following in response to a jackass politician from a nearby Cape Cod town—a bozo calling for a double-blind study of wind turbines and health.  (He obviously had not read Pierpont’s book.)  

I think Sue’s plain-spoken response speaks for many of us.

(With appreciation to Google)

Nobody who already knows the answers gets to talk to me anymore. . . . I am OVER with the peer review double-blind scientific bullshitometer they all hide behind. . . . Come see me and tell me to my face how much I am lying [about my Wind Turbine Syndrome]. . . .

My hysterical NIMBY neurotic whining life is obviously a choice I made as soon as that Webb* turbine went up. . . . What else could explain why I need to find a new home and job and have had 4 times more medical issues this year than ever before?

I know what I know. . . . If anybody cared to ask the victims, they would, too. . . . Oddly, only turbine experts seem to know the answers. . . .

Tilt. . . . I am so so so so over this!

Sue Hobart

* “Webb turbine” is the name of the industrial turbine thumping away, near Sue’s home.

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