“Wind Turbine Syndrome,” by Polish filmmaker Grzegorz Sadowski

Nov 12, 2012

  1. Comment by Tracy on 11/12/2012 at 4:24 pm

    WOW, very well done! The sound, shadow flicker, the fellow who is sick—it is a highly realistic depiction of the actual situation.

    Imagine coming home each day knowing this is what to expect. I experienced this time after time; often leaving the house around midnight, vomiting in a grocery bag while I am driving out of the driveway. I would be very lethargic and dizzy. It was comparable to driving drunk. I would spend the rest of the night away from the turbines, sleeping in my vehicle. It was very cold in the winter. And then I would go to school in the morning exhausted, and function as a high school teacher, then go home and do it all again.

    Put this together with headache, vomiting, vertigo, lethargy, the pulsing sensation and the burning pain felt within the body and all the psychological effects and illness associated with stress, humiliation, and lack of sleep. It’s not my idea of a good life, or one I should have to endure.

    Shame on those allowing this to happen. To allow this to continue is criminal.

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