“Along with the head pressure, I experience nausea, a tight chest and a pounding heart” (Australia)

Aug 4, 2013


Editor’s note:  Below is an Opinion editorial by a woman named Annie Gardner, Australia.  Mrs. Gardner is grievously suffering from wind turbine infrasound.  Her symptoms are classic Wind Turbine Syndrome.  The wind factory is named the Macarthur Wind Farm, owned by a firm named AGL, which in turn was till recently owned by the government of New Zealand under the name, Meridian Energy.

Dr. Sarah Laurie’s comment on Mrs. Gardner’s plight:  “This is what happens to people and to the cohesion of rural communities when 140 Vestas V112’s are installed as neighbors.”


“No right to destroy health”

—Annie Gardner, Op-Ed in the Hamilton Spectator (8/3/13)

Quite some time ago, I complained to the Spectator after there appeared an entire two page spread (no doubt pretty well written by Hamish Officer) about how “awesome” the Macarthur wind factory was.

The impacted community felt very strongly that our local newspaper had given AGL and the Macarthur wind factory, two pages, without any equal time to the residents being forced to live around this monster.

No doubt money had something to do with it of course. At the time I was told the Spectator would willingly publish an “opinion piece” from me. However I simply have not had enough time to do so until now.

We saw, once again, in lat week’s Spectator that AGL had placed an advertisement claiming “there is no extra infrasound at the Macarthur wind factory to before construction”.

At the time of writing this email I am experiencing severe pressure in my ears/throat/noise/jaws and teeth from the infrasound within the walls [i.e., inside] of my home. Having been outside this morning, I was forced to come inside, as the pressure is extreme and along with the head pressure I experience nausea, a tight chest and a pounding heart.

These are the conditions which we have been forced to live with day in day out, and night in night out, since beginning October 2012, when the first 15 turbines began operation. Of course AGL deny our symptoms are caused by their turbines, but how can so many families living out to five kilometres from the nearest turbines, all together begin experiencing such serious, constant symptoms, when they’ve lived in this district, with no health symptoms for between 30 and 60 years?

Of course the farmers affected by this disaster of a development cannot afford to place ads in the local papers. I am told ads like those placed by AGL in local papers last week cost nearly $2000 — or near that amount anyway.

Who can afford to match that?

Of course it is no doubt wonderful income for the local newspapers . . . but we would appreciate if our local newspaper would recognise that the local people living around the Macarthur wind factory do not have access to the millions of dollars from this totally taxpayer-subsidised wind factory.

We are furious with AGl, in that the infrasound testing they carried out was only carried out at two homes around the wind factory.

In addition to that, I have a string of emails outlining AGL’s intention to carry out infrasound testing at our home, and others, as we have been particularly impacted by infrasound. They even sent their manager power generation, Mr Adam Mackett, to meet with our independent acoustic expert, to literally learn a bit about the spectrums of noise testing, as he was particularly ignorant of such. We had to pay for that meeting, and AGL have not carried out their commitment to do infrasound testing at our property, nor at any other property where families have complained.

AGL have received over 100 written complaints from several families severely impacted by infrasound (those families are forced to leave their homes and properties for at least two days and nights weekly) and yet they hurriedly released this report saying “no extra infrasound”.

In fact, our independent acoustic expert has discovered serious flaws in their methodology, which of course meant that infrasound (which is emitted when blades pass the towers), is attenuated.

Of course the truth will eventually prevail, but in the meantime nobody has the right to destroy people’s health and take away the right given to them by the World Health Organisation to a good night’s sleep in their own home. We and many others around the wind factory have had this right taken away from us.

Of course litigation in Australia in the near future is inevitable.

Recently the truth has started to emerge, with the discovery that it has been known since 1985 in the US that turbines do emit infrasound, and that they do endanger health.


  1. Comment by michael fairneny on 08/04/2013 at 10:17 am

    I sent this letter to Mass. State Officials this week…with NO RESPONSE…..
    Michael Fairneny
    Aug 2 (2 days ago)

    to ken.kimmell, Rick.Sullivan, benjamin.downi., David Howland, marc.simpson, gailanne.carid., paul.mark


    I find this situation outrageous and completely out of hand….who’s in control here??….the Town or the Developer?

    What is compliance testing for??…. Where is the DEP?……Where are our state officials??

    Rick….You told me that you would see that proper compliance testing would be done for the Hoosac Project…..Well, the Developer, Iberdrola ran “the Show” to get this done….now I see the results of what other Towns have to deal with after compliance testing for 1 or 2 Turbines has been done…..what do you think it’s like…living under 9 IWT’S. My peaceful world is gone and this not right.

    There are State Guidlines in place here…I thought (as inadaquate as they are) something would be done when sound levels are shown to be over state limits and out of compliance. Why isn’t this happening? Citizens health and well-being are at stake here. Residents are being woken up night after night…in their own home. Do you know what that is like?…This is torture…and nothing is being done! My wife is up night after night…ears ringing….my head aches…Iberdrola chose and paid Resource Systems Group for this sound test…what did you think it was going to say?….I knew….Everything is A-OK….What a surprise!

    We want help….We want a reality check…We want proper testing….We want proper siting….We want to be protected by our state agencies that have been set up to do so. We want IWT’S that you have allowed to placed too close to people’s homes …SHUT DOWN.

    We want you to tell these developers that our health is more important than the money… and that you want facts and figures to be public knowledge….Transparency will help to show that “Wind Energy” just doesn’t cut the mustard, produces less than 30% of rated, nameplate capasity and does not deserve all the state and federal subsidies that currently are holding this flawed industry up.



    Thank You,

    Michael’s letter to Mass. State Officials this week with no response….

  2. Comment by Christine Jelbart on 08/04/2013 at 8:52 pm

    We are fellow sufferers living beside the enormous Macarthur wind factory—140 3mW turbines. It appears the number of turbines is immaterial. If they are too close to your homes then many people will suffer. So far my symptoms are not as serious as Annie’s, but I do wake often at night and am unable to go back to sleep. I am aware of an elevated heart rate at times. I also feel nauseous quite often.

    Our lives have been turned upside down and will never be the same unless the turbines are shut down. AGL responds to our complaints by saying, “See your doctor, and by the way we are compliant.” Who tests this so called compliance? AGL’s independent acousticians.

    Allowing AGL to appoint their own “independent” acoustician is like allowing Collingwood (the love to hate Aussie Rules footy team!) to appoint their own “independent” umpire!

  3. Comment by Greta Gallandy-Jakobsen on 08/05/2013 at 10:28 am

    I strongly agree with Annie Gardner. “Nobody has the right to destroy people’s health and take away the right given to them by the WHO to a good night’s sleep in their own home.”

    If the governments only listened to the victims of WTS and stopped the wind turbines at least at night, this would be helpfull!

    I just read Vestas’ webside with this information: “One-turbine-for-one-world. A giant stride in aerodynamics.” “Finally the blades are designed to be less sensitive to dirt, resulting in better performance at sites affected by salt, insects or other particles in the air.”

    The other particles in the air, what do they mean? Eagles, bats, seagulls maybe? Oh yes, V112-3.0 MW’s is so environmentally friendly, this amazing technology makes this turbine so neighbour-friendly!!

    Just read this and react! Write letters to them and tell them how it feels to be a neighbour of these things with this “groundbreaking design.”

    “A giant stride in aerodynamics,” thank you very much. And what about human beings, what about nature, what about human rights and democracy?

    With greetings from Denmark,


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