Baily Therrien: Poster child for Wind Turbine Syndrome (Vermont)

Oct 25, 2013



—Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

If Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) had a poster child, surely it would be 2-year-old Baily Therrien (Vermont).

A quick review.  For several years (three? four?) Baily’s mom & dad have been pleading with the State of Vermont to put a stop to the industrial wind turbines that are tormenting them and their two children with WTS.

Vermont, of course, in its corporate-spun cocoon, turned a deaf ear—and continues to.  The news media gave the Therriens some slap and tickle notice, and then went on to more pressing, titillating news.

Four years of pleading accomplished exactly zero results; the Therriens were being “hung out to twist in the wind,” as the morbid saying goes.

Till readers of this website rode to the rescue!


Within a week, people pledged $6,000 to help the Therriens find a new home!  Yes, $6,000!  Initially we thought it was $5,000, but pledges kept pouring in, totaling $6,000.  (Update 10/26/13:  Since publishing this article yesterday, pledges have climbed to $6,200.  Wow!)

Better yet, the Therriens now have all that money in hand.  To say that Luann & Steve Therrien are “over the moon” with appreciation would be an understatement.

The story gets better.  Earlier this week, the Executive Director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Annette Smith, launched an additional fund-raiser, and so far it’s approaching $1,000, I am told.

Back to our poster child.  The other day, Luann filed this report with the Vermont public agency responsible for logging (and immediately ignoring) complaints about WTS.  (These would be the same “non-complaints” referred to by the American Wind Energy Association when contacted by an ABC News correspondent last week.)

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), which represents the industry, said that wind power was “an inexhaustible resource,” which did not harm the environment and provided a “direct health benefit by reducing air pollution and related health impacts, including asthma.”

Spokeswoman Lindsay North, who did not comment on the Falmouth cases, said health complaints were “rare.”

“Rare” huh, Lindsay?   How about “denied” and the whole issue buried under platitude and “clean energy” bullshit.

(Bullshit, except it wounds people like Baily Therrien—and that of course makes it far worse than bullshit.)


Luann wrote her AWEA-certified “rare” complaint at 3:30 am on October 21, 2013.  She filed it as Public Comment Docket # 7156.  Here’s what it said.

Here I am up at 3:30 a.m.

Why?  You really don’t need to ask that question, do you?  No, you do not!

That’s right, we’re getting “Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh”!

Have been awake for awhile, and repeatedly, by my baby girl Baily, who will be 2 in January.

My sweet little petunia wakes up, cries and tells me she is tired.  That’s right, wakes up to tell me she is tired!  

Does this seem odd to anyone other than me?

Note to Luann:  Vermont won’t reply.  You know that.  This is corporate and government-sponsored abuse, including child abuse.

The good news, Luann, is that readers of this site responded.  An international response, as you discovered when all those checks arrived in the mail this week.

People of conscience and people who are still human beings apologize to you and your family.

Luann, we’re happy—really happy!—that Baily and Seager won’t be terrorized by these damn turbines any longer.  Nor will you and Steve.  We’re sorry you must abandon your beloved home in the woods.

Let us all pray, “Dear God, may Baily forget—may she never carry the emotional scars, the PTSD—of her experience with ‘clean, green, renewable’ wind energy.”

PTSD eye2


  1. Comment by Kaz on 10/25/2013 at 8:13 pm

    Where is the outrage? Local, national and international outrage? A child is being abused—knowingly abused! Why isn’t Baily’s photo plastered all over the media?

    Last week another blond-haired, blue-eyed girl needed help. She was discovered during a raid on a gypsy camp. And what happened? A world-wide appeal went out, asking for information regarding her identity. She was thought to be a victim of “human trafficking” and the media and organizations around the globe worked overtime to identify and protect her.

    By all appearances, this young girl was healthy. Perhaps even happy. But her plight was seen as one of desperation and people, globally, became engaged in an effort to help her.

    But Baily? And Baily’s brother, and the Bennett children, and the Todds, and dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of other youngsters world-wide. What about them? Where is the resounding cry to protect them? To remove them from danger and restore them to health and happiness? Where are the large-scale, public demands to force these wind developers to cease and desist their torture of our children? What does it take to wake people up, to shame them into action, to rid them of their fear of these powerful corporations and the governments that shelter them?

    Thank God and the wonderful people who responded to this plea for donations. This young girl and her family will be able to sleep, at last. But, it’s a band-aid on a gut shot. These people have had to abandon their home in order to protect their health and well-being! Since when is it okay to force people from their home?

    And how many other children, how many other human beings are in the same boat? Certainly there are far, far more than can be supported financially by the generous people here.

    This shouldn’t be happening. Shouldn’t be allowed.

    Where is the hue and cry for the victims of wind turbine abuse?

  2. Comment by Marshall Rosenthal on 10/26/2013 at 1:35 pm

    Thank you and God bless you, Kaz!

  3. Comment by sue hobart on 10/27/2013 at 9:34 pm

    We can’t rest until the Therriens get moved and BOUGHT OUT!

  4. Comment by Luann Therrien on 10/28/2013 at 12:41 pm

    “Thank you!”

    To simply send a thank you
            to all of you who
    Donated to help
            us through.

    Does not seem
            to completely express
    The gratitude we feel in the
            cards sent to your address.

    So here I post
            for all to see,
    An ode of thanks
            for everyone’s generosity.


    With the donations
            we will do our best
    To find a non-toxic home
            in which to invest.

    A home where our children
            can rest and play,
    Without having to listen to
            wind turbines night and day.

    We have learned the  
              hard way
                      to our sorrow,
    Wind turbines are harmful and
              will do nothing to help our
                       children of tomorrow.

    How much harm they may have
             already done.
    Will only be revealed
             in the years to come.

    Now to get out of
             harm’s way.
    We will be warmly thinking of
             all of you everyday.

    Thank you Michael, June, Steven, JB, Helen, Raymond, Harrison, Ann, John, Marshall, Annette, Dawn, Curt, Timothy, Ella, Olive, Sue, Eric, Walter, Debbie, Ron, Nina, Calvin, Robert, Ralph, Sherri, Linda, Vanessa, Lynda, and to the mystery gifter from Illinois.

    Thank you one and all.

    The Therriens
    Steve, Luann, Seager & Baily.

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