Greece’s wind energy time-bomb

Aug 20, 2013



Editor’s note:  Watch the first 13 minutes of this amazing video about Greece’s corrupt energy and “waste disposal” industry.  Notice the phrases, “licensed abuse,” “public health crimes,” and “toxic businesses” when applied to wind energy.

Is not wind energy merely “licensed abuse”?  Ask property owners in rural Ontario.  Or Nova Scotia.  Or Wisconsin, Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan.  (Or Sue Hobart in Falmouth, Mass.)  Or Australia and New Zealand.  Or, for that matter, Greece.  Throughout Scandinavia and the Netherlands.  France.  Spain.  Italy.  Or Japan.

And is not Wind Turbine Syndrome a “public health crime”?  Ask Dr. Laurie or Dr. Pierpont or Dr. Harry.

Toxic Crisis by Omiros Evangelinos (2012) by Aioleus

The following is quoted from this video, in the riveting section on wind energy and wind turbines.

They [energy companies] come to an area as guests, to find a place to invest. Then they begin extracting any natural resources they are allowed to. Suddenly and abusively they become conquerors, affecting the lives and financial prospects of the local population. . . .

“Green energy quickly became an extremely lucrative sector for entrepreneurs. The biggest banks in the world are investing in wind power, because it has been heavily subsidized by governments, and was deemed a safety valve for the CO2 stock market.

“Greece has experienced a violent onslaught [of wind farms], without any planning whatsoever, leading to an unfolding, unprecedented disaster. The last forests in Greece, on the mainland and Evia and in other areas, are under attack and are turned into huge building sites. People become accustomed to the sight of wind turbines from afar, and don’t realize their true dimensions, saying, “So what? It’s no big deal. These don’t pollute!”

“But things aren’t as simple as that. All mountaintops and all ridges are violated, huge craters are dug and filled with thousands of tons of concrete to erect huge wind turbines, some as tall as 200 m. Furthermore, wide roads are required to transport the turbines to their pads. More concrete to widen the country roads, since the turbine parts are transported by enormous trucks. Especially at the bends, the mountain roads are widened by as much as 30 or 40 m! As a a result, the mountain is fragmented, and forest ecosystems become compartmentalized, isolated, and eventually lost entirely.

“Another aspect of this issue is that the power that is being produced is sold at a price many times above that produced in traditional power plants. You see, all wind farms are private, and DEI [the Greek govt.] hardly participates in this field. The public utility has been kept out of the field of RES [Renewable Energy Sources] on purpose, to secure the profitability of private energy groups. This results in the imposition of a RES surcharge in the electricity bill. Currently it isn’t much, for not many wind farms have been connected as yet to the national grid. But this surcharge will increase in the future.

“This signals a double disaster. A financial one, because all these have not been developed on the basis of some national energy plan and are not controlled by the govt., and an environmental disaster will have taken place, for the last forests and mountains will be crammed with such energy facilities.”


  1. Comment by mark duchamp on 08/20/2013 at 11:14 pm

    I haven’t been able to find out how Greece finances its new windfarms, given that it is technically bankrupt, or if there are indeed new windfarms being built. Or are there, as in Spain, only plans to build them when the subsidies are allowed to flow again?

  2. Comment by sue hobart on 08/21/2013 at 7:45 am

    Great way of looking at it! How do we begin to address this, one courtroom at a time?

  3. Comment by Ella on 08/21/2013 at 1:34 pm

    I took the time and watched the whole video. I found it to be very upsetting, sad, disappointing, unconscionable, leading to maddening. Sounds more like a license to murder.

    Is this why our present administration has defined corporations as “people”?

    Is this so-called Policy on Renewable Energy just a legal license to murder our wildlife, murder our citizens a little at a time?

    The policies being adopted seem more like a huge lack of moral standards. Meant for ignorant people who don’t seem to know any better. Meant to keep the ignorant—ignorant.

    Yet, I have faith, faith in Jesus Christ. Faith that every prayer will be heard. Faith that something can be done. Faith that no matter what is forced upon us, we can rise above to stop the evil, stop satan (I refuse to capitalize his name) from stealing another soul with his bags of evil golden coins of corruption spreading like a slithery snake.

    I will not lie down and let satan run over me. I will fight until my last dying breath to save the Soul of our Earth. These corrupt corporations with their so-called green agendas running around destroying Mother Earth for a bag full of gold coins will eventually find themselves in the molten pot of Hell.

    If I could speak to these carpetbaggers in person, or better yet, with our present administration, I would tell them,
    You can run and hide, you can hide your children, you can hide with your bag of gold coins—but you will not escape God!

  4. Comment by The Truth on 11/26/2013 at 6:39 am

    Ironically, the government is taking the energy and NOT paying the Greek greenwash, err, wind and solar producers. So billions in investment is going up in smoke.

    Serves them right!

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