Lawsuit over Wind Turbine Syndrome (New York & Mass.)

Sep 30, 2013

  1. Comment by Pauline on 09/30/2013 at 3:19 pm

    Wind Turbines: They’re here…The Trojan horses of the 21st century.

    After thousands of years we are still falling for the Trojan Horse, that tricky “clever” Greek mythology still at work.

    Trojan horse definitions: a wonderful and dazzling deception, something that “you allow” to recruit “you” with its complicity, and promises of benevolence which is over-shadowed beneath a hidden agenda, lies and collusion and after you are entrenched you get to see its true color, but, by the time you figure it out it is far too late to eradicate the evil that has been done, something that appears to be good and attractive (green energy) but used only to hide the truth in order to trick and or do or harm, the enemy in disguise, a bargain (lower cost of power) that eventually reveals its true nature that of a money pit, a trap, a parasite. And finally, how about a “program” planted illegally with concealed instructions to do malicious damage in another program locally.

  2. Comment by michael fairneny on 09/30/2013 at 3:27 pm

    If the “powers at be” (govt. agencies, DEP, BOH, etc) really wanted to know how people felt about IWT’s (Industrial Wind Turbines)….don’t you think they should ask the people who are MOST impacted by them?…Like, the folks who are FORCED to LIVE under these ungodly monsters….

    Don’t you think if they really wanted to know what the effects are from living too close to IWT’s that they would fund some research…or get the info. firsthand….like…I’ll say this one more time…from the people who are FORCED to live under them…

    ASK ME…I’m one of them….and I tell you what it’s like …it is HELL!! I have headaches whenever I stay at home and my wife’s ears ring around the clock. It’s like living next to an airport and the planes never land…nor do they ever go away..yes, sometimes it’s not quite as loud as others ….that’s when the wind hits your house before the turbines…but…. when it is the other way around and the wind is coming off those turbines toward you house…look out…Constant and unending bombardment…day and night…I’m about 1/2 mile away from the closest 340′ turbine (1 of 19, called the Hoosac Wind Project) and this is my take on it…

    It turns your life upside down and you don’t know where to go…..where to go to get some sleep, where to go to get help, where to go to live or what to do next??

    If you love your home like I did…your dream is gone!

    My peaceful world of 29 years is GONE! My hope and desire for this to be a place of solitude for my grandkids and their grandkids is GONE. My thoughts of spending the rest of my days and having my ashes scattered in my own back yard are GONE. My right to the”pursuit of happiness” is GONE…because …HOW can I pursue happiness if I cannot feel my family is safe in their own home…This is how…I FEEL….about Industrial Wind Power…and I tell you…FIRSTHAND…IT IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE!!…if you would like to learn more about IWT’s…or my world…go to…

  3. Comment by Marshall Rosenthal on 09/30/2013 at 8:28 pm

    Mike is my friend. It tears my heart out to know that he and his wife Joann are suffering. What can I do?

  4. Comment by Anonymous on 10/01/2013 at 8:36 am

    Steven Clark! What a shill! Seen him everywhere but at my home! Lies!

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