Ontario’s hilariously screwed up wind energy program!

Sep 15, 2013


evolution turbine2

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  1. Comment by Bill Carson on 09/15/2013 at 12:33 pm

    Massachusetts :
    Falmouth Select Board Meeting Monday Sept 16 2013

    The Town of Falmouth has built wind turbines that take property rights of one group for the benefit of the majority of private property owners (aka the taxpayers). The town has used a permitting process to leverage a minority group of residents property rights to achieve what the town wants without cost.

    The commercial megawatt turbines are a nuisance. The town never offered that the wind victims be compensated. The town has shut down the turbines 12 hours at night so the residents can sleep.

    The Falmouth wind turbines will soon have no warranty and town officials are aware of massive maintenance costs of these older gear driven turbines. The impending driving financial maintenance issues are again more important than the health of a minority of residents.

    Now comes the multiple mitigation options plan which includes continuing the beatings of the wind victims 24/7. The Falmouth public more harshly judges financial loss than the health & harm to families near the turbines.

    The town is in ongoing litigation over the turbines while the victims can suffer lack of sleep, adverse health effects and loss of property values.

    Monday night September 16 there will be a public discussion and vote. Falmouth will act in a legal capicity as a judge and jury to take residential property rights from the original stake holders of the properties near the turbines at no cost to the town.

  2. Comment by Itasca Small on 09/15/2013 at 10:38 pm


    At least, they’re talking about the lunacy of it all! With actual FACTS thrown-in. . .

    Does this mean Canadians may soon awaken across the land?

    Maybe this will be “the start of something good!”

    I pray it is so. . .

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