“The Next Terror”: Coming soon to a field or ridgeline near you!

Oct 8, 2013


*What, if anything, is the difference between these two “Infrasonic Fear Generators”?.


Click here for website.  This thing is . . . real!  Read the text describing infrasound!  Yikes!  They got it . . . right!

The Infrasonic Fear Generator is the first commercial product of its kind. Simply put, the Fear Generator can cause a range of strange feelings, anxiety, sorrow, chills, unnerving feelings, heightened emotions, including visions and vibrations in the chest and other parts of the body, in a large percentage of people.

Infrasound refers to extreme bass waves or vibrations, with a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear. Even though these waves can’t be heard by us, they can be felt and sensed and have been shown to produce a range of effects in some people.

Based on previous studies, 20% to 60% of people have reported strange feelings when tests were performed at concerts, in pressure chambers, at home, and in test facilities. No tests were conducted in a scary environment. We believe the percentage of people affected in a haunted house setting will be even greater. Most people will feel vibrations in parts of their bodies (commonly the chest area) similar to audible bass but won’t know where it is coming from since they can not hear it. Vibrations in the chest are a common symptom of extreme terror.

Infrasound is very difficult, if not impossible, to recreate from a standard stereo system. Most subwoofers are only rated down to 40 Hz and the amplifiers, filters, and crossover systems can limit the low frequencies you need to hit even further. The Fear Generator is specially designed to produce a specific infrasound frequency that has been scientifically tested to produce these effects in people.

One of the best places to put the Fear Generator would be near your wait line, where anticipation and anxiety start to build naturally.

NOTE: A large pipe is required for the Fear Generator and is not included.



*With thanks to Eric Rosenbloom of National Wind Watch, who brought this monstrous device to our attention.


  1. Comment by michael fairneny on 10/09/2013 at 6:40 pm

    This is a sick reality and my life will never be the same because of it…..this is my take on Industrial Wind…..

    If the “powers at be”(Gov. agencies, DEP, BOH, etc) really wanted to know how people felt about IWT’S (Industrial Wind Turbines)….don’t you think they should ask the people who are MOST impacted by them?…Like, the folks who are FORCED to LIVE under these ungodly monsters….

    Don’t you think if they really wanted to know what the effects are from living too close to IWT’S that they would fund some research…or get the info first hand….like…I’ll say this one more time…from the people who are FORCED to live under them…ASK ME…I’m one of them….and I tell you what it’s like …it is HELL!! I have headaches whenever I stay at home and my wife’s ears ring around the clock. It’s like living next to an airport and the planes never land…nor do they ever go away..yes, sometimes it’s a not quite as loud as others ….that’s when the wind hits your house before the Turbines…but…. when it is the other way around and the wind is coming off those Turbines toward you house…look out…Constant and unending bombardment…day and night…I’m about 1/2 mile away from the closest 340′ Turbine ( 1 of 19, called the Hoosac Wind Project) and this is my take on it…

    It turns your life upside down and you don’t know where to go…..where to go to get some sleep, where to go to get help, where to go to live or what to do next?? If you love your home like I did…your dream is Gone!

    My peaceful world of 29 years is GONE! My hope and desire for this to be a place of solitude for my grandkids and their grandkids is GONE. My thoughts of spending the rest of my days and having my ashes scattered in my own back yard are GONE. My right to the”pursuit of happiness” is GONE…because …HOW can I pursue happiness if I cannot feel my family is safe in their own home…This is how…I FEEL….about Industrial Wind Power…and I tell you…FIRSTHAND…IT IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE!!…if you would like to learn more about IWT’S…or my world…go to… hoosacwindproject.com

  2. Comment by Jim Wiegand on 10/16/2013 at 1:56 pm

    Wind energy is not green it is an international disgrace

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