“We thought we were going to be far enough away and would be safe” (Michigan)

Aug 23, 2013


Editor’s note:  The following was written by a woman in Michigan named Ella Rupprecht.  She sent it to Paul Schomer, PhD, a prominent noise engineer who has studied wind turbine noise and vibration.

Mrs. Rupprecht, who suffers from Wind Turbine Syndrome, wrote in response to Schomer’s failure to acknowledge Pierpont in his research into the health impacts of wind turbine noise.


From:  Ella Rupprecht
To:  Paul Schomer, PhD, Noise Engineer
Date:  August 7, 2013
Regarding:  Wind Turbine Syndrome

As I read your initial statement to Dr. Pierpont and the others responding to you, I hesitated to respond since I have no academic degrees to put behind my name.   (I wondered if you would take me seriously.)  Regardless, I can only pray you collaborate with the others in a quest to get to the truth about the harm of LFN produced by IWTs.

In December of 2012, just 7 months ago, 68 industrial wind turbines in Gilford, Michigan, went online.  Soon there will be over 200 installed in sequence toward two more townships east of the Gilford installations.  If the wind company has its way, there will be 3000 (three thousand!) in the heart of the Michigan thumb.

My community, south of the Gilford project, has fought hard the last 2 years to keep them out.  As of now, we have succeeded by informing the public and I have personally given my township officials over 500 pages of information (a drop in the bucket!), which led them to dig deeper for facts and the true impacts of placing these massive industrial structures around our community.  Not only that, contracts were withdrawn recently and there are several farmers wiping their brows with relief to know they are no longer bound by a their own, signed confidentiality contracts to destroy their prime farm property and harm their neighbors.  Also realize, confidentiality contracts bind the signer never to speak ill in any way, shape or form.  (Ask yourself how many people with contracts have become ill, but can’t speak of it.)

Mr. Schomer, we thought we were going to be far enough away and we would be safe. We were wrong.

The turbine installation is approximately 7 miles north of me. I can see them clear as day.  More, I can tell you which way they are pointed, and I can tell you when they are pointed towards my property and running, all without looking out my windows.  How?  I wake during the morning to nausea and have ringing ears during their operation.  My head is pressurized during these times.

I never, ever had this problem before.  Just a few days ago while speaking to a neighbor north of me one mile, she tells me that she has had the same problems. Her ears are now plugged on a constant basis and her doctor has found no reason for this.  Soon there will be many people with unexplained sickness coming out of these areas—a region that will soon be a Mecca of Ill-Destruction with no recourse for the people it will affect.

I talked to my physician a few months back and asked if she knew anything about Wind Turbine Syndrome.   She said she does know about it and has read Dr. Pierpont’s book.  (Incidentally, my ears are ringing as I type this.)

I happened to spend four hours the other day in a friend’s wooded area right in the heart of the Gilford Project.  I can tell you that these monsters are loud and disruptive to the human ear.  The wildlife in this wooded area are beginning to move away.  The question is, Why?  Answer:  Because animals have the ability to flee the LFN.  The humans who live in this turbine array do not.  They are left with the anguish of health effects in homes they can’t sell—the homes they perceived as being their “castle.”  Homes with heart and HEALTH.

They no longer have that.

As an individual who believes in “Do No Harm” as the World Health Organization declares, I ask you to do the humanitarian thing and get to the truth before more misery is inflicted on more of humanity.

In your response to Dr. Pierpont, you said your conclusions and recommendations are for research and cooperation to solve the problems so that wind farms can exist but that people should not be made ill in the process.

I can assure you, Dr. Schomer, these are not “farms” by any stretch of the word.  They are industrial wind installations that do not belong among humanity, nature, or anywhere.


  1. Comment by Itasca Small on 08/24/2013 at 3:21 am


    While I respect those who have achieved distinction and earned those prestigious letters, as an obviously reasonable person, you don’t need letters after your name to report true facts!

    I am so sorry you have been subjected to the Wind Energy Scourge, and face the “promise” of continuing hordes of the Monsters overwhelming your entire region.

    I pray Dr. Schomer will join the valiant professionals who have been fighting the War Against Wind Energy for us All, and that he will add valuable contributions to the large body of evidence that simply continues to affirm the FACT KNOWN FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY: INFRASONIC WAVES ARE HARMFUL TO ALL LIVING CELLS!!!

    “Farms” are for providing life-giving produce for the sustenance of human and animal life, not for raping the land and destroying life.

    Itasca Small
    Wind Energy Refugee

  2. Comment by Anonymous on 08/24/2013 at 7:05 am

    What a heart-felt story from your soul. This letter will surely touch Mr. Schomer. I thank you for writing it. Never before has man got something so wrong since tobacco, asbestos or thalidomide.

    You know, I could never understand why the German people went along with Hitler’s “Final Solution.” Now I can see how easily people can be brainwashed. Stoked by the fear of a global warming and bolstered by the powers that stand to gain politically and financially, the world has plunged ahead as lemmings over a cliff. Man’s inhumanity to man (and beast) will always astound me.

    Surely our grandchildren will hold us all to account for why we allowed the destruction of our precious countryside and wildlife and health. Will we tell them that it had something to do with the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich as never before in the history of mankind? God help us all.

  3. Comment by Andreas Marciniak on 08/24/2013 at 9:52 am

    There is no safe distance for wind Turbines, NOT GREEN , NOT CHEAP , NOT RELIABLE , and come with a very BAD side EFFECT to People and the ENVIRONMENT. There is Nothing GREEN about TURBINES. SAY NO TO WIND TURBINES .

    This is what I tell people all the time now, after they put 37 X 3 MW Turbines in our Town “Waterloo south Australia” .

    I’m one of the many people and animals that had to flee because they made me so ill.

  4. Comment by sue hobart on 08/24/2013 at 8:30 pm

    Only 3 in my neighborhood and I have abandoned my home… It really sucks being a front line guinea pig doesn’t it?

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