Wind Turbine Syndrome continues to decimate rural Australia

Apr 4, 2013


Editor’s note:  Watch this video and weep.  Watch this video and burn with anger.

With appreciation to the Editor of Stop These Things!  If you are not regularly reading STT, you are missing one of the great revivals of investigative journalism.  Just when you thought journalists were ciphers (ass-kissers) for government and industry, STT joined the blogosphere.  Thank God!


  1. Comment by Kaz on 04/04/2013 at 7:03 pm

    Okay… so I’ve watched this. And I’ve sent it to a dozen Aussies, too. In between watching and sending, I got a little cranked.

    Here in the U.S. we are working to force a Congressional hearing on the impacts of wind turbine noises. I have hope that we will be successful, but there’s no telling where it will go from there. We all know the power the wind industry wields.

    But this is NOT just a U.S. problem. So citizens across the globe need to get our act together and address this issue. No fear, no holds barred … how do we do this? Who leads the charge? How do we organize with one voice … one factual voice?

    I’m sick and tired of victims having to take it on the chin. This is a human rights issue. We can’t allow a corporate entity to throw good people under the bus.

    We can’t.

    I won’t.

    So … what do we do?


    Editor’s reply:  Kaz, my dear, I wish I had a good answer.  On the other hand, as one looks at the progress this movement has made since September 2004, when Nina & I got involved, it has made huge strides.  Back then, there was little talk of health issues.  Wind turbine infrasound was rarely mentioned, and if it was, people like Leventhall were quick to dismiss it as nonsense.  Municipalities and other government agencies, at all levels, were routinely, reflexively giving building permits to wind energy developers.  And public awareness of the issues was almost nil.  

    We’ve come a long way, and we’re not done, yet.

  2. Comment by Jackie on 04/05/2013 at 1:12 am

    I am glad that people are making videos of their plight. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million! I have just sent this to our provincial Ministers, my local municipality, and a few people in my area with the following note: “I appreciate the efforts of all those in our province who are helping to ensure this NIGHTMARE doesn’t happen.”

    Once again, I fear for my HEALTH & SAFETY. The project being installed in Armow (Kincardine, ON, Canada) has much bigger turbines than were shown in this video. The concentration of 46, 2.3MW turbines in a 4km radius of my home is going to be one of the most sadistic scientific experiments in Bruce County.



  3. Comment by Brendan mcnamara on 04/05/2013 at 3:32 am

    Folks, Wind Turbine Syndrome is a minor problem compared with the erratic behaviour of renewables. The US Natnl Renewable Energy Lab has optimised an 80%renewables future for you in 2050. Some will think this is marvellous. We see it as proof that the systems are only affordable by the wealthiest and are not a global solution. It is simply based on anti- nuclear opinion.

    The correct solution is that all base load power should be nuclear with all the renewables used wherever they suit local needs. Coal must be stopped.

    We have analysed the 1000pp of NREL reports. The story is on our website at This is soon to be updated to a fully interactive site on Fusion, Nuclear, Renewables & Fossil fuels, and the Economics & Politics of Energy.

    Do read our NREL reports and upgrade your action to match the challenge.

    Warmest Regards
    Brendan McNamara

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