Wind Turbine Syndrome: Physician tells couple to leave their home (Ireland)

Mar 19, 2013

  1. Comment by Jutta on 03/20/2013 at 11:39 am

    The same words I have heard from my oncologist last week, my husband and I hear regularly from our cardiologist, our family doctor, my urologist and my naturopath: “You gotta get outta here.”

    For 18 years, we have lived next to these monsters, not knowing in the first years where our symptoms came from.

    Since we learned how sick infrasound and low frequency noise have made us, we have learned not to cry anymore. (Perhaps we have forgotten it…) Each crying shows the ignorant and cynical wind lobbyists, politicians, officials from the regulatory authorities and the media that we are weakened through all these symptoms, such as WTS, VAD, blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders. Then they hope that we will give up denouncing their shame and scandal publicly and stop fighting them.

    But it’s good to cry, and to do it with Dorothy and Michael, because it hurts me every time to see that other people have to suffer as we do.

    Abused, insulted, threatened, and ridiculed by ideological, heartless, greedy contemporaries.

    Dorothy and Michael, you are not alone. We are so many affected, worldwide. Let us fight together against the wind-tyrants of the world.

    With all my sympathy to Ireland from Northern Germany,


  2. Comment by Sharon on 03/20/2013 at 8:49 pm

    I have fought 3 years with my neighbors here in Falmouth, MA, and we have been heard. My mother taught me that the squeaky wheel gets oiled. The Environmental Protection Agency, Board of Health and others are realizing we are not making up all these adverse health symptoms.

    I suffered for one and a half years with vertigo. I never had it before in my life and I will be 60 in May. I can still remember the first time the 484′ Wind I went online. I was at my computer in the corner of the front of my house and was typing a letter late at night. I felt a force against my chest that knocked the thoughts right out of my head. I remember thinking, “What the heck was that?” It was the beginning of a long, unending nightmare.

    I kept a sleep log/journal for 2 1/2 months,. which I tried to get others to do, as I knew that science and evidence would prevail. The low frequency noise from the turbine blades is now being recognized as causing a disruption in health, sleep and leading to numerous other ailments.

    I was in Ireland back in 1979 and loved its serenity and beauty, as well. If you have any agency(s) in Ireland that could help, then write letters, call and do not give up. Get friends and family involved. Use the data from here in the U.S.A., Spain, Australia and other countries to back your claims. I will keep you in my prayers and one day may you win your battle.


    Sharon P. Eddy

  3. Comment by Andreas Marciniak on 03/21/2013 at 2:50 am

    Michael and Dorothy, I don’t know how Jutta, lasted for 18 years, I only lasted 1 year and my brother only 6 month after the Waterloo Turbines in south Australia started. The same words where told to my brother from his Heart Specialist, “You gotta get outta here.”and don’t go back, not even to keep your Home clean, we have lived next to these monsters for only a short time, and had to get out and leave our Homes, I went to stay in my Mother’s shed for 1 year after Mum past away, I moved in with my Brother-in-law for 3 month, and after that I moved to Germany, only to find my self back in the arms of more Turbines, they are every where here, most people I talk to have problems and don’t know where they come from, and if you say any-thing about the Wind Turbines could be coursing there problems, IT’S oh NO can’t be that, as I see it , this is a world problem and it will come back just like Asbestos and Tobacco and bite them on the ass.
    Michael and Dorothy welcome to your new Families, your NOT on your own, stay well and strong.
    Wind Turbine Refugee.
    From the south of Germany at this moment.

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