Wind Turbine Syndrome victim weeps before town council (Ireland)

Aug 12, 2013



WTS victim and wife forced to leave their now worthless home

Leinster Express (8/7/13)

A Roscommon man broke down in tears in the Council Chambers, last week, as he claimed his health had been destroyed by two turbines just 700 metres from his home.

Mr Keane received a standing ovation from councillors and members of the Laois Wind Energy Group who had gathered in the public gallery after he pleaded with the council not to give planners a free hand.

“Would you build a 100 metre high turbine 250 metres from your front door, then why would you allow it to happen to someone else,” he said.

Mr Keane and his wife, Dorothy, moved to Roscommon in 2004 to retire in a rural and peaceful location. In 2011 a wind farm was built and commissioned on a hill facing their house.

They had not objected or made a submission to An Bord Pleanala as they thought the worst would be having to look at them.

But the effect of the noise on the Keane’s has been chronic stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety which were disgnosed by a consultant psychiatrist in their local hospital, who has told them the only long term solution is to leave their home.

They are now on a cocktail of medications such as sleeping tablets and two anti depressants for the short term.

Mr Keane broke down as he told the councillors that they would be leaving their home, which is now worth nothing, next month.

“At the age of 65 we have been evicted by a windfarm, we have been evicted and let down by our Government, we have been let down by the ineffectual guidlines.

“The windfarm that brought us to our kness has two turbines 100 metres tall, 700 metres from our home.

“If two people can be brought to their knees, how many people will be in our situtation if 2,500 turbines are built in the Midlands,” he said.

Mr Keane spoke as part of a presentation by members of the Laois Wind Energy Group, who said they did not want to be in his position in two years time.


  1. Comment by Mike McCann on 08/12/2013 at 3:20 pm

    If they were tenants rather than owners of their home, and the landlord was allowing or creating such conditions to prevent quiet or peaceful use and enjoyment of the property, I suggest that the main ingredients for a claim of “constructive eviction” would be present.

    From a strictly professional point of view, it will be interesting to see if any skillful attorney(s) will try to expand regulatory taking law to include regulatory or “inverse” eviction.

    Perhaps Mr. Keane should attempt to lease his property to a qualified tenant, with full disclosure of his experiences, in order to test if there is any measurable economic value remaining to his property, and maybe develop factual value evidence ?

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