7,000 march against wind turbines (Dublin, Ireland)

Apr 15, 2014







Click here for more photos.  (The 7,000 figure is from a personal communication from one of the protest organizers.)


  1. Comment by Pat gabb on 04/19/2014 at 11:59 pm

    What a delight to see the Irish community standing up for their rights.

    We did in Australia in June 2013 with a National Rally in our capital city, Canberra. We didn’t have the numbers on the ground but thousands behind us as we deal with the challenge of distance, low incomes demands of the season and sparcely settled communities. Our strength of unison stood out with the wind industry running scared, meeting in Melbourne at the same time and developing their fight against us through their creation of “Act on Facts.” Unfortunately for them, they still spin information, denigrate those suffering, and tell outright lies.

    Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Citizen from around the world continue to stand up for truth, honesty and humility, and will not be destroyed by the spin and avarice of the wind industry and all who stand beside them.

    Everyone must remember that the wind industry is the dirtiest, most rotten industry in the world, with tentacles in all parts of world business, politics and society. If it was open and honest, it would not exist!

    We must all remember, too, that we are a united force with incredible strength, as we have truth, honesty and heart for our fight.

    The truth will prevail!

  2. Comment by Protecting the Nests in the Midwest on 08/06/2014 at 11:35 pm

    So, did they “win?” Were they saved from these horrible machines? Or is it “to be continued……?”

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