Acoustician describes how wind turbine infrasound triggers motion sickness (Canada)

May 18, 2014


motion sickness2

Click here for the radio interview.

Note that Dr. Pierpont has been saying this for years in her book, “Wind Turbine Syndrome,” as well as other articles posted on this site.  Not being a clinician or neuro-biologist, the acoustician being interviewed (Kevin Dooley) doesn’t understand how turbine infrasound dys-regulates inner ear structures to create the equivalent of motion sickness; yet he’s right that IWT infrasound is the culprit and that Wind Turbine Syndrome symptoms resemble motion sickness.

  1. Comment by Kevin A. Dooley on 06/22/2014 at 3:07 pm

    I would like underline that there is evidence that suggests that some forms of motion sickness itself are in fact caused by infrasound, not motion. Some forms of motion sickness may in fact have been always infrasound sickness. (Please read my paper “Significant Infrasound Levels: A Previously Unrecognized Contaminant in Landmark Motion Sickness Studies.”)

    This point seems to have been overlooked in comments, above.



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