When the science of wind energy turns into the art of prostitution (Editorial)

Mar 1, 2014


Wind_Turbine whore

Editor’s note:  Ever wondered about the sleaze being published in Big Wind’s so-called peer reviewed reports?  Ever wondered why none of these reports finds a single problem with wind turbines?  I mean:  never!  Zero!

Gutted property values?  Of course not!  Wind Turbine Syndrome, anyone?  Of course not!  Massacred birds & bats?  Of course not!  Loud?  Of course not!   Worthless, redundant energy parasitizing reliable base-load sources?  Of course not!  Astronomically expensive?  Of course not!  Strangled tourism?  Of course not!  Age-old bonds of community torn apart?  Of course not!  Stray voltage in the barn?  Of course not!  Livestock killed off, stillborn, or born deformed?  Of course not!

Who are the unnamed, mysterious “peer reviewers” in this massively orchestrated enterprise in denial — this tarted-up hoax masquerading as real science?

Click here.  You will find out you’re not alone.


  1. Comment by Reda Paley on 03/01/2014 at 5:55 pm

    Actually, one begins to suspect that Simon Chapman is the hoax, the creation of very clever computer programmers hired by Vestas:


  2. Comment by Barrie Gilbert, Ph D on 03/01/2014 at 7:29 pm

    Hello Friends,

    I’m a wildlife scientist on Wolfe Island, just north of Cape Vincent NY, in Ontario, who has followed Calvin’s books and writing for years. You won’t find a scientist with the integrity and out-of-the box honesty that Calvin has.

    So let’s get together and kick some serious ass. WE are choked with bullshit from the special interests, but who speaks for the general good? Very few do.

    Cape Vincent NY has dodged the turbine bullet but the pseudo-greenies that support ineffiecient wind are still a blight out there.

    Keep it up Cal!


  3. Comment by Marshall Rosenthal on 03/01/2014 at 10:33 pm

    Wait! The crooks that ply the wind power trade give real prostitutes a bad name. After all, people who work in the sex industry actually strive to deliver a product — pleasure. The wind criminals and their green-oid dupes purvey something that, at best, contributes nothing to modern power demand and must necessarily account for an exquisite form of public mayhem that destroys nature, lives, and entire communities. Surely, somewhere on this planet, where man fancies himself to be the top life form, there are rules against this reckless brigandry, this assault on decency.

    Take, for example, what is happening in Duxbury and Plymouth, MA. The Duxbury selectmen, who have kept the mega-watt wind turbines out of Duxbury, a very upscale south coast community, will, this coming Saturday, insert an article on the town warrant of Duxbury to purchase (for the next ten years) electricity to be produced by a not-yet-operational wind power company in Plymouth — the town represented by State Senate Speaker Therese Murray, who has given lip service to the improper siting of big wind turbines near populated places, but still has done nothing about it.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Just about everything! If you want to see prostitutes at work, I offer you the Duxbury selectmen, and that two-faced handmaiden of the heartless Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick, Ms. Murrary. Mr. Patrick, who does President Barack’s bidding, may even have the balls to run for President.

    We are bleeding from every orifice from a beating that is killing a few of us, while the majority of us have been lulled into a green somnambulism, a vindictive environmentalism that is driven by hate and revenge, not love.

    War has been perpetrated by a ravenous few billionaires upon the most of us. Unborn generations will be forced to pay our debts, without the benefit of understanding that it was contracted from avarice.

    Will this have to be their legacy of “freedom” — the freedom to be as selfish as they can?

  4. Comment by michael fairneny (Mass.) on 03/03/2014 at 7:31 am

    If the “powers that be” (govt. agencies, Dept. of Environmental Protection, Board of Health, etc.) really wanted to know how people felt about IWT’S (Industrial Wind Turbines), don’t you think they should ask the people who are MOST impacted by them? Like, the folks who are FORCED to LIVE under these ungodly monsters?

    Don’t you think if they really wanted to know what the effects are from living too close to IWT’S that they would fund some research…or get the info first hand….like…I’ll say this one more time…from the people who are FORCED to live under them?

    ASK ME…I’m one of them….and I tell you what it’s like! It is HELL!! I have headaches whenever I stay at home and my wife’s ears ring around the clock. It’s like living next to an airport and the planes never land…nor do they ever go away. Yes, sometimes it’s not quite as loud as others ….that’s when the wind hits your house before the turbines…but…. when it is the other way around and the wind is coming off those turbines toward you house…look out . . . constant and unending bombardment…day and night. I’m about 1/2 mile away from the closest 340′ Turbine (1 of 19, called the Hoosac Wind Project) and this is my take on it.

    It turns your life upside down and you don’t know where to go…..where to go to get some sleep, where to go to get help, where to go to live or what to do next? If you love your home like I did…your dream is Gone!

    My peaceful world of 29 years is GONE! My hope and desire for this to be a place of solitude for my grandkids and their grandkids is GONE. My thoughts of spending the rest of my days and having my ashes scattered in my own backyard are GONE. My right to the”pursuit of happiness” is GONE . . . because . . . HOW can I pursue happiness if I cannot feel my family is safe in their own home? This is how…I FEEL….about Industrial Wind Power…and I tell you…FIRSTHAND…IT IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE! If you would like to learn more about IWT’S…or my world…go to… http://www.hoosacwindproject.com

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