When wind turbines create Vibro-Acoustic Disease

Feb 14, 2014



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  1. Comment by Bill Carson on 02/14/2014 at 10:00 pm

    February 14, 2014
    Low-Frequency Noise and Health: A Wind Turbine Case (2007–2013)
    Author: Alves-Pereira, Mariana; and Castelo Branco, Nuno

    So what happened to this family?

    The wind turbines began operation in November 2006. Immediately the family recognised that they were waking up tired. The dogs that used to be jumping and always wanting attention were now sleeping. You had to step over them. The horses were lying down in their stable. And ants disappeared. In March 2007 the parents received a letter from the teacher of the boy, of the son, asking why this child was so tired now. He was losing all interest in school, he had no energy for physical education and a very good student was suddenly going down, down, down.

    And this is the point [when] that the family contacted us. Unlike the Massachusetts report, and others, we did not give questionnaires to find out how the people’s health was developing. It is not through questionnaires. No questionnaires. If you have people with cancer, would you accept a doctor who would attempt to cure the cancer with a questionnaire? Tell me what disease is evaluated just with questionnaires?


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