Eve’s Breast

Eve’s Breast

a book by Calvin Luther Martin


Where do consciousness and language—the cornerstones of the human mind—begin? And may we ask, why? What ghostly errand do they serve?

For they are not—mark this carefully—an end in themselves.

Eve’s Breast takes us back into the womb to eavesdrop on the beginning of all human discourse, the fountainhead of consciousness and language, recapitulated in every individual since Lucy the Australopithecine. The Conversation of Grace.

The conversation that says, “You are taken care of.” Older than the Bible, older than all religion—it is the Great Code.

There is more. In the dark place of the womb and, later, at the nursing breast there is no language and no consciousness as we commonly understand them. There is, instead, what the poet Robert Bringhurst calls the “ear of language”: the touch, the sound, the warmth. The uterine. The oral. The contracting and expanding. The pulsating. And, always, nurture. Always, affirmation. Always, relationship. Always, presence.

In the deep conversation of the womb there is eros. Kinetic and sensual. And, above all, an amazing grace.


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As a publisher and a reader I have long admired the writings of Calvin Luther Martin. His newest book, Eve’s Breast, I’ve read with particular pleasure, finding it venturesome, wise, surprising, and strikingly designed. It is his most important book so far.”

—Jack Goellner, Director Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University Press