Epidemiologist credits WTS, dismissing detractors as junk scientists (Wisconsin)

Dr. Carl V. Phillips is a Harvard-trained epidemiologist specializing in public health policy.  Until recently, Dr. Phillips was a tenured professor in the School of Public Health, University of Alberta, and is currently director of an independent research institute.  Click here for Dr. Phillips’s (slightly out of date) curriculum vitae.

In his testimony before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission on June 30, 2010, Dr. Phillips affirmed that Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) is epidemiologically valid and must be taken seriously by policy makers.  He dismissed the wind industry’s so-called expert studies opposing WTS as pseudo-science and prima facie ludicrous.  Along the way, he punctures the sappy “nocebo effect” invoked by wind inidustry-sponsored scientists, as being epidemiologically naive and irrelevant.

He informed the PSC that full-blown epidemiological studies of WTS could be readily performed, although he seems unaware that the wind industry prevents these with its confidentiality agreements (gag clauses).

Phillips hints at a moratorium on further wind farm development until large-scale, properly funded epidemiological studies are performed, while reiterating and underscoring that scientifically credible evidence exists, right now, demonstrating genuine health problems from wind turbines.

Dr. Phillips’s testimony, shown on the YouTube above, is supplemented by a written report which he is submitting to the Wisconsin PSC.  His report will be posted on this site when it is made publicly available.

The following is a transcript of Dr. Phillips’s testimony, courtesy of Better Plan Wisconsin (with corrections added). (more…)