What is Wind Turbine Syndrome?

Need a crash course on WTS? If you’ve got only 10 minutes and you want to know what all this “Wind Turbine Syndrome” stuff is about—read “Inconvenient Truths,” by Pierpont. Short and to the point. (Click here for Pierpont’s curriculum vitae.)

If you’ve got another 20 minutes to spare, read “Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Twenty-Minute Crash Course.”

If you want the latest clinical thinking on WTS, read “Wind Turbine Syndrome and the Brain,” likewise by Pierpont.

If you want more detail, but in plain English, read “Your Guide to WTS.”

If you’re interested only in the noise and vibration from turbines, read “How Loud Is Too Loud,” by Kamperman & James, two distinguished noise engineers.

If you want to read more, scroll down the page and start reading by topic—whatever topic interests you.


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Civil disobedience & other protest

How do people suffering from WTS describe it? Sample Videos

How do the wind companies prevent people from revealing their health problems?

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Is there any scientific & clinical basis to WTS?

Personal accounts of WTS

Reflections on being human

What are your legal and public policy options?

What effects do wind turbines have on domestic animals & wildlife?

What is Wind Turbine Syndrome?

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