"My life is hell." Letter from Union, Oregon

Aug 29, 2008


Kathy LaClair, Churubusco, NY (Photo ©Christinne Muschi for the NY Times)

The reason I’m writing is to inform you that I have had a slew of illnesses from wind turbines that are located about 2000 feet on satellite (350 yards on geo tracker) from our home.

I have not slept well for almost a year. The first days they were on I came down with something my doctor thought was pinkeye, then changed her diagnosis to an allergy. Both eyes were swollen nearly shut and I had a puffed up face and a rash. She said that in December, mind you–that there were a lot of these kinds of symptoms.

I have to leave my home as soon as my body can’t stand any more. I have had heart pain, chest pain, and ear pressure. I go to my daughter’s house in Bend [Oregon], but it is expensive to go away. I have no life outside when the generators are working. It is a constant noise and they loom over my home. The lights are red and blinking.

The turbines also cause nosebleeds and bleeding out of my ears when I stay at home too long.  When I went away, at my sisters’ expense, to Florida, I was so happy and rested. I love my home and what it once was. I am constantly ill and have high anxiety when I have to come back. I once was, “Oh, home at last!”  Now, “Oh no, home!”

My life is hell. I am nearly 60. I was in very good health before. I have been a vegan for 30 years or more.  I hike, used to bike (the traffic is dangerous now), and am just 5’5″ and 124 pounds.

My husband, Rod, has had noisebleeds and felt some depression and other symptoms.  I am more affected by electric stuff than he ever was. I get a sickening, dizzy feeling almost constantly by the noise and the vibes.

It is ugly here, where once it was a bit of paradise.  The loss of this wonderful historical site, the disregard for the well-being of others, and the greed by this county are all too much to bear. I never wanted to sell my home, nor do I want to profit from this wind farm. I just want my peace and health back

Fay Stein-Swanson
Union, Oregon
August 28, 2008

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