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cover of Wind Turbine Syndrome



Dr. Nina Pierpont interviews

Falmouth, Massachusetts, has become Ground Zero for the global fight over stupidly placed industrial wind turbines. Many people in Falmouth are reporting classic WTS symptoms; our website is loaded with their stories and their pleas to “turn off the damn turbines”!In September 2011, Dr. Pierpont went to Falmouth and spent days interviewing victims. The interviews are riveting. If you read or listen to nothing else on this website, be sure you watch these. Click here.



Alan Watts, M.D.

Editor’s note:  The following is an excerpt from Dr. Watts’s letter to the National Health & Medical Research Council on its amateurishly bullshit “systematic literature review” of Wind Turbine Syndrome.  (Not even sophisticated, clever, or dazzling bullshit.  Clumsy!  Rank amateurism!)

Note that Dr. Watts has personally treated victims of WTS.  (Click here for his entire letter.  Click here and here for more postings about this much celebrated physician.)


This report is grossly deficient and is thus surprising given the universal condemnation of the first NHMRC review in 2010. It would appear your organisation has learnt nothing in the intervening period. This includes the rapidly evolving research which is demonstrating adverse health effects (AHE), in addition to the environmental, political, intermittent efficiency and economic aspects of industrial wind turbines (IWT).

This review clearly ignores both the developing weight of evidence and the intellectual expertise of the national and international research community. Expertise and experience that includes a knowledge of IWTs, infrasound and human health impacts that, I would suggest, greatly exceeds that of the review panel.

Further it again represents another shameful opportunity for the international research community to criticise Australia’s lack of rigour, truth, diligence and decency in this debate. When will the NHMRC exhibit any real concern for its international and national reputation?


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