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Dr. Nina Pierpont interviews

Falmouth, Massachusetts, has become Ground Zero for the global fight over stupidly placed industrial wind turbines. Many people in Falmouth are reporting classic WTS symptoms; our website is loaded with their stories and their pleas to “turn off the damn turbines”!In September 2011, Dr. Pierpont went to Falmouth and spent days interviewing victims. The interviews are riveting. If you read or listen to nothing else on this website, be sure you watch these. Click here.




“Celebrate! Australia’s carbon [dioxide] tax is gone!”

Australian Climate Madness (7/17/14)  Click here & here to read about Australian Climate Madness, a worthy blog.  Click here for commentary in The Spectator.

The carbon tax, that utterly pointless environmental gesture that would have done nothing for the climate, has been repealed today in the Senate. Good riddance.

The toxic tax, together with the originally planned emissions trading scheme, has claimed, over the years, about half a dozen senior politicians, including Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull, all of whom have shackled themselves to the altar of climate change alarmism, and paid the price.

The Australian reports:

THE carbon tax has been repealed, fulfilling Tony Abbott’s “pledge in blood” to abolish the landmark Gillard government scheme.

The Senate passed the government’s amended carbon tax repeal bills by a margin of 39 votes to 32 at 11.14am, with only the Labor Party and the Greens opposing their passage into law.

It was the Senate’s third attempt to pass the repeal legislation.

The vote was held as Bill Shorten gave a clear pledge to take a new carbon pricing mechanism to the next federal election, due in 2016, in the form of an emissions trading scheme.

They never learn, do they? Idiots. You can add Shorten to the above list of climate victims.



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