Australian legislators call for 2 km setbacks, minimum (New South Wales)

Dec 18, 2009



Click here for the above media release.  Click here for the full report (232 pp.).  Click here for the website.

It should be noted that the committee which produced this report considers Dr. Pierpont’s research on Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) to be garbage.  In fact, worse than garbage:  the committee opines that Dr. Pierpont fabricated Wind Turbine Syndrome.  Let me rephrase this, since it’s a real gem:  these politicians basically accuse Pierpont of inventing WTS and foisting this (illusory) terror on the world.

One must allow that the committee had one great advantage as it deliberated on “wind turbine syndrome”:  it was never burdened with an understanding of either the evidence, or clinical medicine, or what constitutes peer review.  On the other hand, it evidently mustered enough functioning brain cells among its members to recommend a minimum of 2 km setbacks—and that’s a good thing.

The Committee notes the concerns expressed by Inquiry participants regarding ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome.’  The Committee further notes that research findings of ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The Committee is concerned that the significance of ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ is being unnecessarily exaggerated because Dr Pierpont is a medical doctor and has published a book on the issue, rather than any scientific merit of such a syndrome.  As a result, a degree of fear is being instilled in communities that may host wind turbines.  The Committee is concerned that, based on evidence received, this unwarranted fear may be causing greater health impacts than the presence of any actual ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ (p. 121).

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