"The loud noise causes added stress and anxiety resulting in tension headaches, nausea, and dizziness." (Sheldon, NY)

Mar 5, 2009


Jessica lives in the Town of Sheldon located in Wyoming County, New York. Her home is surrounded by Invenergy’s High Sheldon wind energy facility with 75 1.5 MW GE SLE turbines. The total installed capacity for the facility is 112.5 megawatts. The towers stand 397 feet in height, spanning from tower base to blade tip. The turbines were commissioned in January 2009 and the impact of the massive animated structures on nearby residents was immediate, as Jessica describes in her own words.

“Deer Scene” by Mike Hodgson, with appreciation

March 5, 2009, Warsaw Country Courier (with appreciation)

My name is Jessica. I am 27 years-old and live in Sheldon, NY. My husband and I bought our dream home and horse farm in the summer of 2006. We married on the property. The home was perfect and we looked forward to raising a family. My career in healthcare is high stress and is constant chaos. Although I love my career, I did enjoy returning home to peace and quiet.

Tranquil days and nights are no longer an option. My husband and I learned of wind turbines only months after purchasing our house. We did not worry at the time because wind turbine talk only seemed to be rumors and we believed no solid plan was in place.

We were wrong. Summer of 2008 was the initial construction phase. Increased traffic began with heavy equipment, endless stone trucks, and cement trucks. Once stone and cement were in place, the large tractor trailers passed by with bases and blades. The construction traffic began in the early A.M. and continued through dusk. Continuous daytime noise on the road and in the nearby once quiet fields became exhausting.

Over the last few weeks, existing turbines are beginning to come online. The turbines are spinning day and night.

The negative effects of the wind turbines vary depending on the time of day and the speed of wind. During the day if the wind is low, a “swishing” noise is heard from the three turbines located within 1.5 miles to the west. If the wind is stronger, the “swishing” becomes louder and is accompanied by a jet engine type “roar.” At times the noise disturbance can be heard in the house with the windows closed.

The noise can become so loud it is no longer enjoyable outside. I do not even enjoy riding my horses for any length of time.

The loud noise causes added stress and anxiety resulting in tension headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

At night the view of many blinking red lights can be seen from two sides of the house. The lights often catch my attention even when I am focused on other tasks.

The newest addition is the presence of shadow flicker. In the evening during sunset, a flicker of light can be seen in my bedroom, computer room, living room, and family room. I am unable rest, read books, or even watch television during this time. The shadow flicker creates headaches and eye pain. I am unable to remain in those rooms (the majority of the house) during shadow flicker hours.

People often will pull over in front of my house and stick their heads out the window. I am sure they do not hear the full effect. I invite anyone to come to my house during a strong wind period and just sit in my yard. Only then will one feel the full effect.

Our dream home has been taken away from us and we had no power to say no. A feeling of hopelessness continues to consume me. I now pay a mortgage on a “damaged” house. We do not have the option of turning the noise off when noise becomes a nuisance.

Our neighbors have taken different sides, and the entire town is divided. Trust in our small town is destroyed by greed and inconsideration for one’s neighbors.

Please listen to my plea to research wind turbines and talk to others. Remember, wind turbine companies pay many families to say wind farms are wonderful.  Listen to the stories of uncompensated residents located near wind turbines.

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