Man leases land to wind developer, then complains bitterly about Wind Turbine Syndrome (Cohocton, NY)

Mar 11, 2009


Click here for a radio interview with a Cohocton (New York)¬†homeowner experiencing Wind Turbine Syndrome from turbines on his and neighbors’ land.¬† Canisteo Valley, 2/17/09. Interviewer is Kevin Doran.

  1. Comment by PBD on 05/02/2009 at 9:25 am

    I feel real bad for this person, but he was warned (by those “extremists,” you know!) as was everyone else who believes that wind turbines are the answer.

    When he read the contract, the confidentiality clause should have hit him over the head. (Now why would a corporation insist that you lose your constitutional right to speak?) Please be advised that anyone who has to sign a contract should always have a competent attorney read it first. The corporation is not looking out for your benefit, it’s looking only for profit. (And don’t fall for the old, “Your neighbor has signed our contract and will be getting all of this money. Shouldn’t you get some of the goodies too?” Or, “The turbines will be in your view anyway. Why not benefit by signing?”)

    Selling the fraud of wind turbines is nothing but psycho-babble from professional “green washers.”

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