Wind Turbine Syndrome interview with Dr. Robert McMurtry (Ontario, Canada)

Sep 29, 2009


Photo (minus guinea pig) courtesy of WINDCOWS

Radio WLEA/WCKR (Hornell, New York) interviews Robert McMurtry, MD, and Carmen Krogh about Wind Turbine Syndrome (September 29, 2009).

  1. Comment by sick and tired on 10/23/2009 at 1:33 pm

    I, too, live surrounded by an industrial wind plant. I literally have no window in my house that does not have a wind tower view. About five of them within a mile of my home. Some nights I can hear the buzzing/humming of the generators over the sound of my television.

    For anyone that is in a community that is considering a wind tower farm for their area, Don’t Let it Happen! Speaking from experience, there is no upside unless you receive a tower on your land.

    (1) Whenever the wind blows even a little, the wooshing starts (sounds like a jet flying overhead that never goes away).
    (2) There is a constant humming/buzzing even if the wind is not blowing.
    (3) Property values will fall, likely by 30%. That is an average that realtors have used in other articles that I have read.
    (4) You cannot speak out in your community against the towers without getting labeled a complainer. Even if you said you didn’t like the colour, that would mean your anti-wind tower. HaHa! (Remember, the wind companies have done these projects before and know how to $ell the idea to local$.)
    (5) The constant feeling of nervousness (especially evident in the wildlife), but remember, we too are animals.
    (6) When the sun is lower on the horizon as it is in the fall, the flicker inside and outside of your home from the giant blades of the turbine intermittently blocking out the sun.
    (7) The headaches, balance issues are real, not imagined like people that don’t live in the area suspect.
    (8) The project will tell you that your roads after construction will be made better than before. They will renege on that. Once the towers are standing, they will no longer care about the roads, and tell you that it’s the township’s responsibility.
    (9) They will divide the community. I have personally witnessed this.
    (10) The power that your community will be producing will likely be sold outside of your community, possibly outside of your province or even your country.

    I am not against producing clean energy by means of wind farms. I do, however, disagree with them being placed in residential neighborhoods. The person that runs the project in our community bought a house here. They could have purchased anywhere, but bought their home about 10 miles from the turbine proposed site. Hmmm. That should have told us something. Also, it seems as though a large majority of the people throwing the term NIMBY around, either don’t have a tower in their backyard or they have a tower and are receiving compensation for it. It’s an easy thing to say when you’re not adversely affected by them.

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