Audiology Today: Wind Turbine Noise

Jul 16, 2010


Audiology Today, the Magazine of the American Academy of Audiology features the article “Wind Turbine Noise: what audiologists should know.”

Download the article in PDF.

  1. Comment by Marie Burton on 02/15/2011 at 11:53 pm

    Read all the reports on the noise that causes problems with your health e.g. Dr. Nina Pierpont, Dr. John Etherington, Dr. Chris Hanning, and Dr. Swinbanks. There is also a study that was peer reviewed in Australia by Dr. Sarah Laurie. [Editor’s correction: The study you refer to was not peer-reviewed by Dr. Laurie, but cited by her.]

    This Australian doctor gave evidence at a hearing in South Australia as to the effects of wind turbines on peoples’ health. One person who signed a contract with a provider of wind turbines was due to give evidence at the same hearing and received a call from her solicitor who told her to go home straight away (she was threatened with arrest). Upon returning home, the judge in the case realised something was going on and she was told she would be in contempt of court if she did not return.

    If these things are so good for your health, why are such tactics occurring? Dr. Laurie realised that health problems were being caused by the noise and vibration of the turbines. Even lying down on your pillow causes vibrations and noise interference probably worse than being up and about in your house.

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