Sleepless, fatigued, headaches, wind turbines (Ontario)

Dec 5, 2010


“We were led to believe they were totally quiet.”

—Jim Oliver, Windsor Star (12/3/10)

At first, when I heard about wind turbines, I thought it would be a great idea for the environment and all those in the community. I was led to believe they were made to reduce energy and lower our electricity bills.

As everyone knows, they have nothing to do with our present bills or none in the near future.

In fact, I believe that we are paying our highest hydro bills to pay these off.

Yet, that is not my biggest concern. The peace and quiet we moved out in the county to admire has been totally destroyed.

We constantly hear these turbines like a plane noise in the near distance and we were led to believe they were totally quiet.

The flashing light that it emits is also a total nuisance with the shadow flicker during the day and night.

I now find it hard to sleep at night and have fatigue and headaches occasionally where I was never like this before. When my wife and I sit outside, the once beautiful silence and sounds of nature are totally outweighed by these wind turbines.

As for employment, I have not heard of any jobs or seen postings in our community. Just temporary construction workers and a very few maintenance positions.

The only ones who have liked these are the farmers who are paid thousands of dollars each year for having them on their land and our government and big-time corporations that are profiting.

I am totally infuriated that they have taken away our peace and tranquillity for the profit of others because we surely will not see it.

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