Wind Turbine Guinea Pig Conference (Ontario)

Sep 28, 2010


International Symposium on Global Wind Industry & Adverse Health Effects

Where:  The Waring House Inn and Conference Center, Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

When:  October 29-31, 2010

Sponsored by The Society for Wind Vigilance.

Experts from the United Kingdom, USA and Canada will explore the constellation of illnesses reported by many people living close to industrial wind turbines.

Speakers include Christopher Hanning, MD (UK), Michael Nissenbaum, MD (USA), Carl V. Phillips, PhD (USA), Alec Salt, PhD (USA), John Harrison, PhD (Can), Robert Bryce (USA), Rick James (USA), Robert McMurtry, MD (Can), and Arline Bronzaft, PhD (USA).

Keynote speaker is Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD (USA)

Download the full program here.  Click here for Press Release.  Download registration form here.

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