“Wind Turbine Syndrome with Dr. Nina Pierpont” (ABC News, Australia)

Mar 18, 2010


Radio Interview

—by Steve Martin, ABC Ballarat, 3/18/10

When it comes to wind farm protests the hottest topic for the last couple of years has been Wind Turbine Syndrome. That’s the name given to the range of symptoms described by some people who live close to wind farms. At this stage illness caused by wind farms is a medical and scientific theory, but people affected are adamant that it is the power generators making them sick.

Yesterday there were newspaper reports that the state’s Chief Health Officer, Dr John Carnie, had reiterated the DHS stance that there is nothing in the health claims. At the Morning Show we invited Dr Carnie onto the programme to explain why that is the stance, but we were told by a spokesman he was unavailable for us for the rest of the week.

We did however manage to get in touch with Dr Nina Pierpont. Dr Pierpont is a Medical Doctor who has investigated and written about members of her local community who believe they have suffered health consequences from wind farms. Nina Pierpont is the doctor who coined the phrase Wind Turbine Syndrome.

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