Family suffering from textbook Wind Turbine Syndrome (Ontario)

Jan 15, 2013



We dedicate this video to Australia’s Prof. Simon Chapman.  Chapman is in the habit of now and then favoring the general public with specimens of his learning.

These days you’ll find Mr. Chapman girding his loins and going up and down the land thundering against the heresy of Wind Turbine Syndrome and its spirited champion, Dr. Sarah Laurie.  If Green Energy in Australia smacks of  a religion, Chapman is its Grand Inquisitor.

  1. Comment by Andreas Marciniak on 01/16/2013 at 5:38 am

    Hi Mr. Freeman
    Sorry to hear about your problem, as I’m a Wind Turbine refugee my self from Waterloo,Wind Farm, South Australia, I can tell you that, what your Dr. told you to do! is the only save thing for you and your Family to do, if you stay there to long you will NOT get over it, and you will find that you will get worth and you will find when you do get away, it will take longer and longer to get over the effect of Wind Turbine Syndrome, and other thing will set you off, that would normally never have happened.
    Good Luck to you and Your Family, you have just joint a much lager Family.

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