Member of Parliament reams Simon Chapman another a**hole (Australia)

Jun 7, 2013



—by the Honourable Alby Schultz, Member of Parliament for Hume, New South Wales, May 30, 2013

Mr. Schultz is a Member of the (Federal) House of Representatives, Liberal Party of Australia.  Click here for the speech in Hansard (the official parliamentary record).

I rise to record my utter disgust at the attempted character assassination of a very dedicated, committed and concerned rural resident, a lady of outstanding credentials. This is a lady who established a rape and sexual assault centre in outback Australia, was the general medical practitioner liaison for regional mental health, operated an Aboriginal healthcare centre, was an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Medical Practice, was a committee member of the South Australian branch of the Australian Medical Association and is a cancer survivor; whilst her husband is a public health dentist operating in remote Aboriginal communities. However, this lady is not without error as she has in the past openly voted for the Greens, an error she confesses will not be repeated.

You may wonder how this lady is being repaid for her outstanding community efforts and social contribution. Currently, a significant orchestrated attempt to assassinate her outstanding reputation and undeniable credibility is underway, assisted and promoted through left-aligned media outlets. This is a campaign strongly suspected of being led by the non-medically accredited Professor Simon Chapman of the University of Sydney, a person who obtained his PhD from the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, a self-proclaimed expert in marketing and public manipulation via media sources. He is a person who is not lawfully permitted to conduct any form of medical research or study in relation to human health.

Simon Chapman

I am of the firm belief that Professor Chapman is close to the author of this anonymous letter of baseless and faceless complaint made for no other reason than a seedy attempt to salvage his fast-dwindling reputation as a credible, reliable and balanced source of information. Professor Chapman, with his nose in the public trough—through the apparent never-ending funding of the NHMRC—for bewildering reasons unbeknown, other than regular speaking engagements at industry conferences and committees, has connected himself to the insidious industrial wind turbine industry.

Through his joint authorship, misleading to the extent of being potentially fraudulent, publications such as the highly criticised 2010 Rapid Review of selective literature, provided the wind turbine industry with support whilst placing many rural communities in peril. As the evidence mounts in relation to the potential corrupt behaviour of this industry and those associated with it, both politically and professionally, it is of no surprise to me that those deepest entrenched in this fraud against the Commonwealth, the Australian energy consumer and rural residents of Australia will stop at nothing to protect their personal and professional interests—in this case, the deliberate self-motivated instigation of serious allegations against a lady of high regard.

It is not the allegations that are of concern, as they will be defended and proven baseless. It is the matter of the anonymous letter of complaint being provided to several media outlets prior to the alleged offender being notified of the details of the anonymous complaint. Coincidently, these media outlets appear to be all associated in many ways with both Professor Simon Chapman and the initial recipient of the complaint, the Public Health Association of Australia CEO, Mr Michael Moore.

This outrageous document was clearly provided for no other reason than a further seedy attempt to assassinate the good standing and character of Dr Sarah Laurie. These allegations will be proven baseless and defamatory; the so-called ‘anonymous’ author of the complaint knows this, as does Mr Michael Moore, otherwise why is the complaint anonymous? As they will be proven baseless, the author would be exposed for what he truly is, and face potential criminal defamation charges. Does anyone truly believe that a genuinely anonymous letter of complaint would be referred from a trusted association and then, astonishingly, receive attention from relevant bodies if the anonymous person were not well known to them?

Professor Chapman, you are devoid of any decency and courage. If you truly believe an offence has been committed, put your name to it and stand accountable for the baseless claims within. Michael Moore, by your grubby unprofessional actions you have destroyed all credibility of the association you control. If you genuinely believe the allegations to be true and had no involvement in the production of the defamatory document, you should publicly disclose the identity of the so-called anonymous author or resign for your own despicable actions. Dr Sarah Laurie, as you know, is well above your levels of gutter public manipulation and only deals with the truth; you should take a leaf out of her book and do something good for the community in which you reside—for free.

Editor’s note:  We encourage you to write directly to the Honourable Alby Schultz and thank him, personally, for outing Chapman.  Email


  1. Comment by ER on 06/07/2013 at 4:09 pm

    After widely spreading the news of “ethics complaints” (one “anonymous” listing of evidence that she helped people monitor their blood pressure) against Dr Laurie, Chapman and his acolytes have not made the same effort (actually, no effort at all) to publicize the fact that the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) is not pursuing the issue. Click here.

  2. Comment by Itasca Small on 06/08/2013 at 3:33 am

    More welcome news!

    The Honourable Alby Schultz is a voice of fresh air from elected officialdom! Great speech, “telling it like it is!” Hopefully, other MPs will align with him in sending a strong message to the developers and their sycophants, i.e., Simon Chapman, Michael Moore and their ilk.

    The comment linking to the NHMRC’s statement is much appreciated, also.

    Appears to be a major victory for Dr. Laurie, The Waubra Foundation, and the War Against Wind Energy, at least with this agency. Hopefully, further review of health issues will show the truth and Australia will move forward toward acknowledging the facts and take positive action to correct the travesty of wind energy in the Commonwealth.

    Dr. Sarah Laurie

  3. Comment by Anonymous on 06/08/2013 at 9:37 am

    In light of Falmouth’s ballot question 2 results, what has been won? It’s clear the funding to remove town wind turbines has not been won. Some speculate sentiments of ‘liking’ the turbines won. And as absurd as it sounds, a claim has been made that 50+ families in Falmouth MA simultaneously only suffer a wind turbine induced psychotic panic attack may have won.

    For the majority of Falmouth voters, their wish not to raise taxes won. After all, the community had been assured no more ‘wind turbine’ tax levies would ever be asked for again. The town’s project developers touted repeatedly, before gaining first funding, that these turbines would be ‘cash cows’ and would provide a ‘windfall’ of electricity cost savings.

    “Be careful what you wish for”—for even if family household finances have been spared a round of taxation, the fight for basic health and property enjoyment equality is far from over. As you read this, many in Falmouth fight for these constitutional rights and will not stop until these rights are equally afforded to all residents, without condition—whether one voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘like turbines or believe it’s all a mental illness problem.’

    Does the vote declare ‘equality has been won’ when a discrimination remains? To be consistent, Falmouth must wish bigger than family household finance security. The community’s wish, if we are a community of neighbors, should extend basic equalities to all residents—not just the ones we can afford.

    Indeed, the NO vote result has won. It’s won a pigeonholed place in a battle far from over.

  4. Comment by genie81 on 06/11/2013 at 3:28 am

    Mr. Shultz, thank you for standing up against the disgusting letter sent to the NHMRC by someone so gutless they did not sign their name.

    How can the NHMRC not ignore such a letter and stand up for Dr. Laurie, a woman of principle who has taken a stand against a rotten industry? They chose only to denigrate a woman, yet others who oppose wind turbines are left alone. Shows how weak the industry is, especially using school children to brain-wash them into believing the wind is the way to go.

    Do people not realise that turbines cause CO2 emissions with their construction? They cause both audible and inaudible noise and just look at the mess left when they are no longer used. I cannot believe how many people think they are “green” energy. Do some research and find out how useless these things are and how they help rising electricity prices due to their need for backup 24/7 when the wind does not blow or blows too hard.

    Wind energy has cost the United Kingdom taxpayer billions of pounds in subsidies to the wind industry—when the turbines are not even generating. Also, see the peer-reviewd evidence from overseas regarding noise and health issues.

  5. Comment by John marciniak on 07/27/2013 at 8:15 am

    People do not abandon their Homes if its all in their Heads, and do all the animals that get sick and Birds, Bats that get sliced and diced have noscebo effect. We have lot these fools here in Adelaide . Mark Parnell , Nick Champion ,Dan Van Holst Etc.

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