International Symposium on Global Wind Industry & Adverse Health Effects (Canada)

Sep 5, 2010


Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects:

Loss of Social Justice?

WhereThe Waring House Inn and Conference Center, Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

When:  October 29-31, 2010

The Society for Wind Vigilance is pleased to announce our first International Symposium.

The Symposium will feature expert speakers from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada who will provide important information relating to health issues reported by people living too close to industrial wind developments. International experts including Dr. Christopher Hanning, M.D. (U.K.), Michael Nissenbaum, M.D. (U.S.A.), John Harrison, Ph.D. (Can) and Arline Bronzaft, Ph.D. (U.S.A.) will discuss the effects of wind turbine noise on sleep, impacts on children and the urgent need for human health research.

Keynote speaker is Dr. Nina Pierpont, M.D., Ph.D. (USA)

Who should attend?

  • Rural and other health specialists
  • Professional Engineers
  • Acousticians
  • Policy advisors for Government health departments
  • Policy advisors for Government Renewable Energy strategies
  • Renewable energy specialists
  • Health correspondents
  • Public medical officers of health
  • Interested members of the public

Download the full program here.  Click here for Press Release.  Download registration form here.


FRIDAY October 29 PM

12:00 pm – Registration begins

7:00 pm – Introductory Evening Session

Session I No Rules, No Caution, No Accountability

Orville Walsh, Co-Chair – Opening Remarks: No Global Standards

John Harrison – It’s Pure Physics

Rick James – Acoustics 101


8:30 am

Session II What Clinicians Need To Know

Dr. Robert McMurtry, Chair – Opening Remarks

Dr. Nina Pierpont (Key Note) – Defining a Syndrome

Dr. Alec Salt – Infrasound: Your Ears Hear It But They Don’t Tell Your Brain

Coffee break 15 minutes

Session III Cause and Effect

Dr. Arline Bronzaft – Children: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Dr. Christopher Hanning – The Torment of Sleep Disturbance

Session Working Luncheon

Robert Bryce – A Journey of Discovery

Session IV Research and Motion

Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum – Deleterious Health Effects are Undeniable

Dr. Carl V. Phillips – The Absence of Health Studies Proves Nothing

Coffee break 15 minutes

Session V The Consequences – Violation of Social Justice

Carmen Krogh – A Gross Injustice

Eric Gillespie – Social Justice and the Law

Dinner 7:30


8:30 am

Session VI Social Marketing – Disinformation

Dale Goldhawk – Media and Pre-emptive Stereotyping

Dr. Ross McKitrick – Coal Kills-Where Are the Bodies?

Session VII Toward A Global Movement

Dale Goldhawk – Moderator for Next Steps

Dr. Robert McMurtry/Orville Walsh – Wrap Up & Proceedings

  1. Comment by Melodie Burkett on 09/05/2010 at 10:53 pm

    Be there with bells on, Calvin. Hopefully my husband Mike will be able to attend, as well. He is running for mayor and the timing is iffy.

    Thank you both for your passion, hard work and diligence.

    Mike & Melodie Burkett
    Clearview Township & Severn Township, Ontario, Canada

  2. Comment by Brad Blake on 09/05/2010 at 11:34 pm

    I am so pleased to see this symposium. The government should subsidize every “wind warrier” to go. They send our tax dollars to the wind developers who spend it on full time PR. It’s about time the honest, hard working citizens who give of their free time to save their communities got tax money to support our cause! Since many who fight hard against industrial wind projects will not be able to attend, I hope pertinent excerpts from the symposium will be available online.


    Brad Blake, Maine
    a citizen who loves Maine and fights to protect it from industrial wind
    a citizen who believes wind is bad public policy and bad economics
    a citizen who would have to take precious vacation time to attend the symposium

  3. Comment by Louise Tesseo on 09/06/2010 at 9:10 am

    I live in the Stratton, Maine, area and have fought hard to stop the Black Nubble Redington Project. Thankfully we own [won?] that battle. We did not win the battle to save Kibby, unfortunatly. My husband and I went on a canoe trip on Flagstaff and the view is forever ruined. The sight of this industrial wind farm project has my stomach in knots. I have also been up to the ridgeline to witness the overall destruction of this once beautiful mountain. I think of all the poor animals whose home have been blown to bits, and the sound of the turbines disrupting all that makes nature work. We have got to stop this wind energy surge now and put the money back into hardworking tax payers. NOW!!!!!

  4. Comment by Sheila K. Bowen on 09/07/2010 at 1:32 pm

    I wish I could be there, Calvin! I do know someone who will be attending. He will say hello for me. Will there be a DVD?

  5. Comment by Gordon J Callon [Dr] on 01/16/2012 at 2:42 pm

    Is there a proceedings of this conference? I would like to acquire all the presentations!


    Editor’s reply: I have sent the papers to you as an email attachment.

  6. Comment by Tuula Korhonen on 12/17/2013 at 6:27 am


    I am a Finnish doctor and interested in wind turbine syndrome. Is it possible to get any copies of the presentations. Any interesting links?

    Yours TK

    Editor’s note: Nina Pierpont’s presentation was published online, here. The others were published in a variety of journals. If you peruse the articles, here, you will find them.

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