Guidelines for wind turbine siting

Nov 16, 2011


Editor’s note:  The following document arrived in my Inbox the other day.  Sent from an outfit in Australia, I believe.  A group calling itself Windburst Publishing.  I don’t know who they are (a Google search turns up nothing), yet a careful reading of their document and cover letter tells me their material is sound and intelligent, and worth posting. Windburst’s email is shown at the end of the cover letter, if you want to contact them.

Wind Energy Projects

Returning Control to Rural Citizens from Governments Captive to a Deceptive and Harmful Industry and Green Extremists

Substantial progress has been made recently in the fight to relegate wind turbines to their proper place in the generation of power. However, it has to be acknowledged that health problems are still being caused by operating projects and will be certain to arise through the construction of projects approved under outdated, ill informed and inequitable guidelines.

Success in public exposure of the manifold negatives of wind is such that objectors now have a unique opportunity, perhaps worldwide, to tell the politicians and the developers what country residents will tolerate; otherwise there will be a permanent political campaign to enforce these demands and to show that governments are being negligent in their duty to preserve the environment , ensure the health and well being of all their citizens and provide for secure affordable energy supplies in the future.

Accordingly Windburst Publishing has commissioned the preparation of the attached document “Universal Rules for the Public Approval of Wind Energy Projects.”

The “Rules” are meant to address the matters that are common to virtually any onshore wind project and for that purpose do not engage in matters or problems that may be very important in a specific location. It is Windburst’s hope that these rules can, with local parameters separately addressed, be pushed on democratic governments all around the world wherever this useless and dangerous technology is viewed as an essential part of saving the planet.

Clearly by adopting common rules more pressure can be exerted on individual administrations. Here is the first issue of the Rules, it will be updated as required.

Windburst Publishing

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  1. Comment by Anonymous on 11/16/2011 at 5:50 pm

    Very dramatic report. I cannot imagine a single operator who could or would conform. However, the publication should cite its authors, and I wonder what the object is, since the authors do confirm that economics of the industry are futile and fantastical and devastating: witness Italy, Spain, Greece. If they (turbines) are wrong, they are wrong. I also do not see any references to siting near livestock. That in my view is a very problematic feature of the rural turbine onslaught.

  2. Comment by LSARC on 11/16/2011 at 6:08 pm

    RULE ONE: Since Industrial Wind Turbines don’t actually replace anything on a modern grid, don’t put them anywhere outside of urban centers.

  3. Comment by thebiggreenlie on 11/16/2011 at 6:27 pm

    Wind turbines are just one part of the very large Green Scam being forced onto citizens of this world. They don’t produce anything but debt, high energy prices and health problems, not to mention loss of habitats and homes!

    This scam is proposed by every government in the world and is all under the approving eyes of the United Nations.

    Wind turbines should not be allowed to be sited ANYWHERE!

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