“How can you live here?” (Germany)

Mar 15, 2011


Editor’s note:  The following was sent to us by the German website, Windwahn.  (Click on the website for a better photo).

The text, below, is a digital translation, with a little editorial help to make it more intelligible in English.

This is not a photo montage, but an aerial view of northwest Schleswig-Holstein, taken over Dithmarschen, looking north to Friesland.

The sight of the concentrated wind madness from the plane reminded the photographer, Dr. Musehold, of a military cemetery.

We often hear such remarks.

  • “From the air, Schleswig-Holstein looks like war zone” (TV team, Wings, tourists).
  • “Such a blighted landscape is rarely seen” (tourists passing through).
  • “Sweet, friendly and natural, we have previously seen in Schleswig-Holstein, aggressiveness has given way to a cold. Today, we see basically no longer out of the box” (flight attendants from Sweden).
  • “The jagged rotors of wind turbines create a threatening and aggressive appearance.”
  • “How can you live here, without being depressed or angry?” (visitors).

How you can live here?

With thanks to Dr. Musehold for the photo.

  1. Comment by Bill Heller on 03/21/2011 at 2:38 am

    And this photo doesn’t even show the additional transmission lines. What’s really scary is that this has happened right here in the USA, and there are a frightening number of people who believe this should happen many times over across our country … and many of those folks consider themselves to be environmentally aware and concerned. Yet they put their hands over their ears and eyes when it comes to learning the truth about wind turbines.

    Imagine if someone tried doing this in the Hamptons or on Fisher Island in Florida? Hey, if it’s good for farm country and mountain ridge lines, why not there?

    Until some neighborhood is threatened with wind turbines, the folks there simply don’t understand.

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