“I live right under the wind turbines” (New York)

Apr 8, 2011


“Noisy wind turbines have ruined Fairfield”

—Carolyn Riesel, Letter to the Editor, UticaOD.com (3/26/11)

Day and all night long, I hear grinding and grinding, whooshing and whooshing non-stop. I live right under the wind turbines in Fairfield.

Every window, east, west, north and south has a wind turbine. My beautiful landscape is forever gone.

We cannot carry on conversations outside due to the constant noise level. There is a constant droning sound inside my home that was never there before. I can’t even begin to imagine the noise when the turbines are going full force and in the summer; I bet I won’t even be able to have my windows open due to the high noise levels.

I have heard comments that no one is complaining about the noise level.

Not so.

Those of us living within the triangle of the turbines have called our town “fathers” repeatedly, with no answers.

When I purchased my home, it was not with the understanding there would be health risking turbines surrounding my home disrupting my peace.

I wonder if I put up something my neighbors did not want, would I have to remove it? I bet I would. No one asked if I agreed to have these ugly things in every window of my home.

I attended town meetings, voiced my opposition to no avail.

Litchfield beware!

Do not allow the wind turbines to destroy your land, peace and health.

  1. Comment by Andreas Marciniak (Waterloo, South Australia) on 04/08/2011 at 7:10 am

    I have send this letter to the News Papers, TV stations, etc:so people can see the problems we have with Wind Turbines here in our Town, please take Not WIND TURBINE SYNDROME is real.

    I/we would like to let you know about our urgent Concerns!
    I/we have for the effect on our Health the Waterloo wind farm has on us!

    I Andreas Marciniak have never slept so badly;
    From the time the wind farm has been put up on the hill less than 3km away, which is playing havoc with my every day life.
    Headaches, awake all night because of the jet like noise coming over the hill, when the wind comes across from the east to the west, stress ,lack of concentration etc: I feel nauseous when I get woken up at night, the noise and Vibration has a weird effect on me.
    I/we know that you know what is causing this problem, because I’m not the only one with this reaction to the Wind farm,
    This problem also has a massive impact on Property value in and around the town of Waterloo and anywhere near the wind farms.
    I/we have asked around. People know now, and have
    Health problems and noise problems, and resale problems,
    No one wants to live anywhere near wind farms.
    This has now destroyed my future.
    Roaring 40s said at the town meeting in Waterloo they talked to concerned Citizens? I/we have “NOT” seen anyone in this town yet…
    What will you do about “THIS” problem? Or are you going to let the Wind farm make us sick? Financially ruin us? Or make us leave our Homes – So that they can make money for the share holders? So much for GREEN Power?

    Kind regards
    A.J Marciniak

  2. Comment by gail (Italy) on 04/10/2011 at 1:55 am

    Even after years of complaints—BIG WIND still says “no one else has complained,” because they are backed up by the media.

    This is changing and will soon stop. Live the day when they will be forced to admit their responsibilty for X number of wind turbine refugees, and pay compensation. Not that anyone can compensate another for making their home hell.

    Live that day when you get justice—as I do now!

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