NIMBY (Postage Stamp)

Feb 9, 2011


Don’t be a …

Next Idiot Might Be You!


  1. Comment by Anne Britton on 02/09/2011 at 9:24 pm

    Cute! You should order some like that from the USPS website!!!

  2. Comment by Bill Carson on 02/09/2011 at 9:34 pm

    Portsmouth High School – Rhode Island –

    Portsmouth RI has two commercial wind turbines one at a private school called Portsmouth Abbey (Vestas) and across the street Portsmouth High School (AAER). Both turbines are large commercial wind turbines.

    The issue is the Portsmouth High School wind turbine. The turbine is an AAER wind turbine. The turbine is nearing two years old. The States of Massachusetts and Rhode Island do not appear to have a licensing, permit, or inspection system for the commercial wind turbines as they age or for the individuals that work on these commercial wind turbines. There is not an impartial third party that conducts inspections such as an independent state agency for the safety of the general public. It appears that the rules are being made for these turbines as they are installed.

    Every industry has telltale signs of what happened when a catastrophic event happens. The Portsmouth High School wind turbine has all the signs leading to some kind of future event.

    The turbine had a lawsuit over the construction of the base when it was first built, it was built very close the high school, the wind turbine manufacturer AAER went out of business leaving the Town of Portsmouth with NO warranty coverage last September. The turbine had what were called start-up issues when it first started under the umbrella of AAER and several outages over the first year.

    In September of 2010 the Solaya Division of Lumus Construction (may be Massachusetts company) has been providing a maintenance contract for $33,000.00 to the Town of Portsmouth, RI. It’s not clear how the mechanics are qualified to work on these turbines or if they have any type of license as would electricians or plumbers.

    Since AAER went out of business in Sept the Portsmouth High School wind turbine has been broken down more than it has been working. It may be worth keeping an eye on the events and outages of this particular turbine and the events that are unfolding with the breakdowns on a monthly basis.

    The safety issues are first and, then with the breakdowns, how is this turbine economically feasible?

  3. Comment by Marsh Rosenthal on 02/09/2011 at 9:45 pm

    NIMBY is the wind industry’s new N-word. They’ll use it against any critic that gets in their way. They use it to discredit genuine concerns about their destructive intrusion into the life of communities.

    What they will not talk about is their refusal to put their own homes near the shadow of the giant wind machines.

    NIMBY is the refuge of liars.

    Editor’s reply: I’ve been wrestling with Big Wind for what is now going on 7 years. First in my own backyard, then, when we threw the bums out of here, wrestling with this industry in people’s backyards around the world. Literally, around the world. It’s been a stunning education.

    Two of the lessons I’ve learned are the following: (1) In all these years, I have never met or heard of or spoken to a wind developer or wind turbine salesman who lives anywhere near a wind turbine. Wow! Yet these same bozos hurl the epithet NIMBY at anyone who opposes or even questions their bullshit. (2) I have on numerous occasions challenged a wind developer—or even a loud-mouthed wind supporter—to go live in the home of Daniel d’Entremont or Stephana Johnston, or someone else who has had to abandon their now worthless, acoustically toxic home. Challenged this jackass to go live there for 2 weeks. I promised I would make all the necessary arrangements with d’Entremont or Johnston (both of whom I know rather well, by now), and, as a bonus, I would give the windie loudmouth some hundreds of dollars for travel money and food.

    Not a single windie has ever taken me up on that offer.

    Long ago I learned how to respond to belligerents who get in your face and shout “Fuck you!” “Are you going to fuck me?”—I respond, equally as agitated and animated.

    That shuts them up. Same with the NIMBY bullies. “Are you going to live under the shadow of a monster turbine, banging spinning flashing away while it infrasonically pounds your guts and brain?”

    In 2007, I think it was, Malone threw Big Wind out of town. I can tell you that the Malone Town Board now considers that one of the smartest things it ever did. We followed the precepts outlined here, “How to fight Big Wind.” Read it, if you haven’t.

  4. Comment by Preston McClanahan on 02/09/2011 at 9:59 pm

    Email me ( for the SWINDLE bumper sticker. Proclaim your opposition to others in a clear statement.

  5. Comment by Sheila K. Bowen on 02/11/2011 at 12:46 pm

    To Bill Carson,

    Cape Cod is being targeted for countless Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) and the largest proponent/developer (Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative = CVEC) is forever using Portsmouth RI as an example of a very successful installation of IWTs, stating that there have never been any complaints and the neighbors love them.

    Please contact me at with any additional information that will help us to argue that point.

    Thank you,

    Sheila K. Bowen

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