Ontarians are angry! (Ontario, Canada)

Apr 13, 2011

  1. Comment by John Mortarelli (Massachusetts) on 04/13/2011 at 5:04 pm

    Large-scale wind farms (1 MW and more; turbines on 400 ft towers) in areas less than 6 miles away from residential areas are a bad idea. Shame on you who govern Ontario for subjecting your citizens to this noise and health menace and reduction in property value that they must endure.

    Your nation is rich in hydro-electric power, so much so that you (Hydro-Quebec) sell off your abundance of energy production to us here in the U.S. at very low cost (even more so when compared to very expensive wind turbine generated power).

    I urge you who are under attack from these wind companies to keep on fighting. It’s nothing short of war, a battle between the way you want to live and the huge profits that wind companies make through short-term government subsidies.

  2. Comment by BARRY FUNFAR on 04/13/2011 at 10:29 pm

    April 13, 2011
    Controversy, turmoil, waste of people’s time, serious health detriments, suicidal inclinations, and litigation are a few of the results we have seen from Falmouth’s wind turbines.  From similar situations all around the world it is obvious that we are not experiencing some weird phenomenon here in Falmouth, Massachusetts.
    This “Falmouth Experience” is simply the consequences of placing industrial wind turbines too close to human beings and their homes.
    I feel extremely fortunate to have some neighbors with pride and fortitude who are willing to stand up and fight for their rights and what is right.  This ship is not going down anytime soon.  We have all heard the famous line of John Paul Jones who said ” We have just begun to fight”.  My sentiments exactly toward the town and its bastions of a disheveled  energy policy.  
    Life can be very good.  We abutters are only attempting to return to that place.

    Barry Funfar
    27 Ridgeview Drive
    Falmouth, MA 02540

  3. Comment by Colette McLean on 04/14/2011 at 8:29 am

    There is a huge disconnect out there with people who are promoting wind energy and the residents who must live with them. Maria VanBommel indicating that she must listen to her residents who want turbines is essentially saying that those who are experiencing the health problems are lying or are psychologically deranged. No wonder people within these project areas are trying to simply cope and move on since so many are not listening or care. This is the downfall of this argument of focusing on health issues. Rural residents have lost their will to stand for what their rights.

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