Pâté de foie gras and feathers: A call to action! (North Carolina)

Dec 15, 2011


Editor’s note
:  The following “cry from the heart” arrived in response to
The Carnage Was Mesmerizing.”  It’s worth acting upon.

To:  You and me, dear reader

From:  Friends of Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge (North Carolina)

Regarding:  Turbines slaughtering migrating birds

Date:  12-15-11

If anyone reads this and you really care about these beautiful creatures, we desperately need help in eastern North Carolina.

Invenergy, a wind energy company based out of Chicago, has been secretly planning to site a 49-wind turbine facility right in the middle of the foraging grounds of 70-80 percent of the migratory waterfowl popluation that make their annual trip from Canada and Alaska.

The decision was recently annouced after contracts from farmers were signed and govt. agencies were in place.

The NC legislature has given this company a free pass to place the turbines anywhere they please, without any enviornmental studies and, although they have received numerous letters from various agencies questioning their location choice, they have not stopped, nor do they plan to.

Please check out our website, Friends of Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, and help us.

The local commissioners (Beaufort Co.), NC Utilities Commission, and other govt. agencies can see only the “green” for dollar signs; they don’t care that these birds are in serious jeapordy.

Below are some numbers to call.  If we don’t put pressure on the people who can make a difference, there will be mass destruction of these birds, as their habit is to fly peacefully, at low altitude, from one field to another without any obstruction (wind turbines) turning them into pâté de foie gras and feathers.

This is a red alert!  Pass this email on to anyone you believe would care in preserving what has been called the Serengeti of the East.

Who to call:

(1) Pete Jerome, Regional Director of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, in Atlanta, Georgia (404) 679-4000.  (Leave a message, as you will not talk to him, although we know he monitors the calls.)  Also call the Fish & Wildlife Service “Migratory Bird Program,” (404) 679-7206.

(2) Secretary Ken Salazar, US Dept of Interior, (202) 208-3100. This is the main number.  The switchboard will direct you to Salazar’s office.

(3) US Dept. of Interior Public Affairs Office, (202) 208-6416, and ask why they are approving the destruction of the Serengeti of the East?

(4) North Carolina Governor, Beverly Purdue, and ask for Veronica at (800) 662-7952 or (919) 733-2391.

  1. Comment by Marsh Rosenthal on 12/15/2011 at 4:20 pm

    Oh, my God! Hasn’t this always been about coming to the defense of those who have no voice to defend themselves?

    In my last comment I spoke of the flight of snow geese that flew past my home. They flew directly over the hill that has been targeted to receive five enormous 2.5 MW wind turbunes.

    Now I know why they captured my attention.

    Every one of you who reads these words must now act!

  2. Comment by sue Hobart on 12/15/2011 at 5:00 pm

    I’ve said it before but, God forgive us! How much DO WE NEED to destroy in order to learn. Aarrgh!

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