Spanish Goliath preys on the gullible, well-meaning rural poor—again (New York)

Mar 24, 2011


Editor’s note
: The wind developer, Iberdrola, is being squeezed out of Jefferson County, New York, by the very able efforts of citizen activists.  Like leaked oil from a busted nacelle, the Spanish company is now oozing its way east into adjacent St. Lawrence County.

Parishville and Hopkinton, famous for their rural beauty and gentle Amish ways, are being hammered by the windies.  Many farmers already have signed leases.

Happily, a homegrown citizen’s group has risen to the threat.  David meets Goliath—once again—this time on the sunny, bobolink hayfields of Northern NY State.

We urge you to contact the brave people fighting this outrage, and offer to come speak to a community meeting—telling the Amish and Mennonites and others of your bitter experience with Big WindBig Illness, and Big Property Value Damage.

At the moment, the Mennonites & Amish are unaware of all this; they think the money is a gift from heaven.  Let us have our own community “barn raising”—and correct this misconception.

The following is from the website’s Home page:

Are you aware that even as you read this, a huge foreign-national corporation, Iberdola, is laying the groundwork for a full scale Industrial Wind Generation Facility in the area straddling the boundary of Parishville and Hopkinton?

Do you feel well informed about this developing situation? This website was created to inform the public about the significance of this turn of events. There is a lot of information here, covering a range of related subjects. You will find a table of contents; this is followed by a brief synopsis of each topic, with a link to a full article. You might be quite surprised at what you read here.

In the left hand column, please find links to external sites where you can further inform yourself about the Wind Industry and how it is influencing the lives of many thousands of people in New York State, around the U.S., and all over the world.”

  1. Comment by Marco Bernardi on 03/24/2011 at 8:26 pm

    Hello from Germany to the people of Parishville and Hopkinton.

    I read about the BIG WIND attack in your communities. This greedy kraken is spreading its tentacles all over the world, even over such beautiful spots like the Adirondack Park.

    We live in Schleswig-Holstein (S-H), the most northern federal land of Germany. Here in S-H over 2500 wind turbines are erected (S-H is 9 times smaller then the State of NY).

    We see 118 of them from our property, at a distance of 320m to 15km. The nearest was erected 10 months after we moved to our new home. That was 16 years ago.

    Since their erection, my wife and I became ill, critically ill. At this moment, my wife is in hospital, diagnosed with follicular lymphomas (cancer, in other words). Dr. Nina Pierpont suspects that my wife has made the step from Wind Turbine Syndrome to Vibro-Acoustic Disease.

    Please don’t sell the health of your children for a handfull of dollars. No money can replace your and your children’s health.

    Best wishes from The Windwahnmarsch

    Marco Bernardi

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