… still more Wind Turbine Syndrome (Ontario)

Aug 31, 2011




  1. Comment by mtumba on 09/01/2011 at 10:23 am

    How much longer will people let our governments rape us with the environmental calamity of industrial wind?

    Our governments takes our money by compulsion and hands it, through tax subsidies and outright grants, to the corrupt, greedy, money-grubbing and environmentally harmful wind industry.

    In the meantime, the people our governments’ ostensibly represent are raped and pillaged by the industry and our governments. They steal our money, and then they steal our peace. They support an industry that produces little to no energy, but that kills birds and bats by the thousands and deprives people of sleep and induces physical and mental anguish.

    It’s long past time for a revolution.

    Sleep deprivation is classifed as torture and forbidden – in warfare! – under the Geneva Conventions. Why is industrial wind caused sleep deprivation not classified as torture?

    But the biggest mystery of all is – Where are the money grubbing lawyers? WHERE ARE THE CLASS ACTION SUITS?

  2. Comment by Tom W on 09/01/2011 at 11:19 am

    This is a very, very effective, powerful video. It should be seen as a short followup to Windfall, or at least shown widely to the public. Heartbreaking.

  3. Comment by Karen Bessey Pease (Kaz) on 09/01/2011 at 6:15 pm

    A competent, strong man reduced to tears… suffering depression from lack of sleep, and being forced–for his health’s sake– to leave his dream home.

    This is criminal.

    Where are the class action lawsuits?

    Where is the public outcry?

    Where is the accountability?

    It’s criminal… and sadly, that criminal activity seems to have the blessing of governments all around the globe. The U.K., Australia, Europe, Canada, the U.S…. but WHO is in charge, here???

    It’s time the little guys–you and I– stepped up to the plate.

    Please consider joining your voices with those of other free-thinking citizens who refuse to be cowed by corporate interests. Join NA-PAW, E-PAW… or local organizations opposing improperly sited industrial wind facilities in your neck of the woods. We will only succeed in bringing science, economics, common sense and ethics back into the equation by standing–and speaking–together.

    The powerful wind lobby wants to intimidate us. Are we going to let them succeed in their goal? That’s not something I’m willing to allow on my watch. I hope others feel the same.

    Karen Pease
    Lexington Twp., Maine USA
    Joan of Arc

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