“We have met the enemy—and he is us” (Pogo)

Aug 14, 2011




Too many people on the earth. Too few

who hold the oak door open, or who nod

to the passing stranger as to the passing god.


Look from the stars and you will see whereto

this hungry fungus, man, has spread his drab

compactions, and is spreading, till the space

made rich by nature for his ease and grace

is petrified, as fruit is by a scab.


Packed on this dwindling planet, famished, men

will push and fight like beasts. No grandeur then,

no high design, no epic dream, no play,

no poised serenity in what they say

nor reasoned kindness in the things they do.


This is not fancy, this is deathbed true.


—Max Eastman


  1. Comment by BARRY FUNFAR (Cape Cod) on 08/15/2011 at 12:34 am

    Max Eastman’s words are sad only if that is what you allow. We each have our own small part to play in this universe. BE KIND. FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE. Each of us makes a difference.
    Max Eastman
    Max Eastman

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