“Gutsy” doc gives Vestas hell! (Denmark)

Apr 5, 2012


Physician tears into Vestas for dismissing Wind Turbine Syndrome

Editor’s note:  The following is taken from Dr. Mauri Johansson’s recent speech before a Vestas Board meeting.  Click here to read the remainder.  (Click here for a related article on Vestas “smearing” people who speak against wind turbines.  Such a charming company!)

Hooray for courageous Dr. Johansson!  He marched into the Vestas annual meeting and blasted them!  Why are not more physicians doing this!?

I searched for ‘noise’ and ‘health’ [on the Vestas website]. . . . I did not find anything about this topic on the Danish website.  However, the English website showed a couple of video clips where a neatly dressed gentleman in a convincing voice alleged that noise has NO negative health consequences.   He managed (in a biased manner) to smear one critical report but did not mention a single independent scientific report documenting that there are NO problems. This is because such reports do not exist, neither in Denmark nor in any other country, although there are many that document a growing number of serious problems.”


  1. Comment by mtumba djibouti on 04/05/2012 at 11:42 am

    This is excellent. Thank god for this man for acting on his knowledge, principle, courage and anger.

    The wind industry is slime. It knows its product harms animal habitat, birds, bats, animals and humans. It knows its product IS NOT GREEN.

    It thrives on political corruption, politicians greed, ignorance, willful ignorance and/or stupidity.

    And it thrives on polite citizens who plead or beg or flee or simply lay back and get raped by the turbines (paid for with our money)—polite citizens who, in an utterly mistaken adherence to politeness, still refuse to DEMAND an end to this madness. If we do not ACT UP/ACT OUT we are complicit in this crime against nature.

    What makes matters worse is that the industry thrives on tax subsidies, credits and grants—from THE PEOPLE. It cannot survive without government market intervention—OUR money.

    We are paying to be raped by our own governments.


  2. Comment by Marsh Rosenthal on 04/05/2012 at 1:58 pm

    Amen, Mr. Djibouti! If we don’t put up a fuss while they load us into the cattle cars, maybe we’ll be alright.

    That was a mistake in thinking. It’s hard to watch it being repeated.

    cattle car

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