“Most eggs had no yolk, and the shells were like jelly” (Australia)

Mar 28, 2012


Domestic animals hammered by wind turbines

—Andreas Marciniak

I used to have chickens, a peacock, and a peahen.  Right after 37 wind turbines came online in Waterloo, South Australia—first thing, one after the other, my chickens stopped laying eggs, and my peahen refused to remain with the peacock.

One day the peahen took off and never came back.  After a few weeks I went and got another peahen, and all the peahen & peacock would do is fight.  She, too, kept taking off.

So, after my brother was forced by Wind Turbine Syndrome out of his home, and went to stay on a small property 25 km from the turbines, I took all my domestic fowl (chickens, peacock & peahen) to him, we built a new home for them, and the chickens started laying eggs within a week, and the peacock and peahen have been inseparable.

There’s one other thing I would like to share about the chickens:  of the few eggs I did get, most had NO yolk and the shells were like jelly.  My neighbor across the street had the same problems with his chickens.

Wind turbines have also affected my brother’s 2 dogs, a Jack Russel and a mixed breed.  The first thing we noticed about his dogs is that they didn’t want to go outside, as they did before the turbines came online.  When they did venture outside, they wouldn’t listen when you called; they just kept wandering on and on.

The other weird thing we noticed is that one of his dogs would try to squeeze itself between the lounge cushions to sleep, and the other dog would climb under the bed in the corner.  Or they would sit for hours, staring at the wall.

After my brother and his dogs moved away from the turbines, all this strange behavior stopped.

  1. Comment by Linda Salamon on 03/28/2012 at 12:57 pm

    The town of Dennis (Mass.) built a small (100+ foot) wind turbine that is close to the bike path where I used to walk my greyhound several times a week. After they built it, my dog refused to walk on the part of the bike path that is near the turbine. Instead, she runs off the path and then meets me back on the bike path once I am far enough away from the turbine to suit her.

    Anyone who owns a greyhound can tell you that greyhounds are lazy, and my dog is no exception; so for her to make the effort to walk farther than she has to tells a lot about how much she hates the effects of the wind turbine. And this is just a SMALL turbine!


  2. Comment by Natalie on 04/03/2012 at 7:10 pm

    As we know, animals have more sensitive hearing than we do. If people are having problems then, of course, the animals are.

    As we all know, the pollies [politicians] do not seem to care about people becomming ill from turbines, but in some cases animals have more rights, so maybe we are all going about it the wrong way. Maybe we need to get the RSPCA and the animal libs. involved to fight for the rights of our pets and livestock. Maybe someone will do something to stop these turbines being put where people and animals live.

    See the Kerulos Center

  3. Comment by NON WIND TURBINE on 05/08/2013 at 5:30 pm

    I just hate wind turbines. My family and I have been fighting them with a few of our friends since 2011. I hope that they are voted AGAINST!

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