“Never again!” A response to the Mass. “Wind Turbine Syndrome” report

Jan 18, 2012


Editor’s note
:  This “call to outrage” is written in reply to the State of Mass. issuing, yesterday, its shameful “report” on Wind Turbine Syndrome.  Click here for the report.  Click here for a reasonable article on the report in today’s Boston Globe.  (Unlike the self-proclaimed “expert panel” which created the report, the Globe reporter in fact interviewed Dr. Pierpont and a Falmouth WTS victim, John Ford.)


—Marshall Rosenthal (Massachusetts)

To all my brothers and sisters in every nation and land, let today, a day of infamy and disgrace committed by the State of Massachusetts at the behest of its deceitful Governor Deval Patrick, be the day that we come together in the common resolve to end the torture and dismissal of the suffering of the victims of the onslaught of Industrial Wind Turbines.

You who live in the shadow of these monsters, are the evidence. You will not be found in the closely vetted scientific journals that are edited by academic fascists in order to safely skew the so-called “facts” to promote a conspiracy driven by power and greed. They know the Ceasar to whom they are beholden for their grant monies.

We must now consider our real options. I have called for the outlandish bringing of our case before the International Court of Justice. I am driven to do this because it is clear to me that no other peaceful recourse is open to us. Industrial Wind Power relies for its perpetuation on projecting a repeated lie to the proportions of a “green” religion upon the world consciousness.

We can pick this lie apart, piece by piece, as the Big Wind perpetrators would like us to do, OR WE CAN CHALLENGE THEM FOR THE WORLD CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY THAT THEY ARE.

We, Jews, learned the mantra “Never Again” after the Nazi Holocaust. Now, a new holocaust assaults the world. The enemy has been very canny in marginalizing its victims. We are seen as cranks, complainers, and such, not to be taken seriously. In their private meetings we are considered as so much collateral damage, political roadkill, to be ignored and swept aside as so much garbage, just like the six million of us Jews were gased and burned up in that other Nazi nightmare.

I am their worst nightmare! I am of the generation that survived their efforts of extermination! I am the evidence of humanity that reaches out with arms of love to every victim, to every person who has or will be made to pay with their well-being for the profit grubbing combine of corporate industry and cowardly state liars that comprise the rotten fascist cloth of industrial windpower.

Let us stand up now. Let us find the ways to build the international case against these criminals against humanity. Let us hold EACH of them accountable for the harm that they have done. Let us tell them and the whole world, NEVER AGAIN!

“Marsh” Rosenthal

  1. Comment by Karen Bessey Pease on 01/18/2012 at 3:03 pm

    I’m with you, Mr. Rosenthal.

    You can find me at roomtomove@tds.net.

    Or 207-628-2070.

    Thank you for your courage.


  2. Comment by thebiggreenlie on 01/18/2012 at 3:04 pm

    We may not see these tyrants brought to justice in our lifetime, but, by God, our children will!!!!!!!

  3. Comment by Melodie Burkett on 01/18/2012 at 3:30 pm

    I will stand with you. I have declared war against fascism, the collusion between our government and the wind industry. NEVER AGAIN

    My father was in a camp in Poland for 2 years. He had served in the Polish underground. He was liberated by the Russians. He weighed 80 lbs. His dream of owning a farm in Canada came to be. This same farm will be desecrated by 8 large, 50-story-tall industrial wind turbines on the land adjacent to this farm. He passed away in 1993, never imagining that this could happen in this country. I fight for him, I fight for my sons, I fight for my future grandchildren. NEVER AGAIN.

    If we allow this corporate take-over of our rural lands, the sacrifices of these brave men and women will be for naught. NEVER AGAIN

  4. Comment by Jordan on 01/18/2012 at 4:16 pm

    Mr. Rosenthal,

    I have moved out of my home. I am certain I would not have survived due to the low frequencies from the industrial wind turbines. There are 18, 1.65 megawatt V82 Vesta industrial wind turbines within a 3 km radius of my home.

    I have a Civil Action Suit filed in Ontario Superior Court.

    I am with you. Good luck.


  5. Comment by Marsh Rosenthal on 01/18/2012 at 5:16 pm

    I am humbled by your words. My heart is bursting and I can barely see through the tears. This BLOWBACK at windpower begins now, with every single response, from every corner of the world.

    We have the science of Mssrs. Ambrose and Rand in the McPherson “home” acoustic study done in Falmouth, MA.

    We have the voices of the great Falmouth residents, brave and proud people, who now stand against these monsters. (See “I won’t back down.” Scroll down to the Tom Petty song by the same name. Turn up your speakers. Get mad. Stay mad. Make history—the Editor.)

    We have the wonderful people who are getting themselves arrested to save the Lowell, VT mountains.

    We have the righteous resistance of the Preserve Lenox Mountain group.

    We have the wisdom and leadership and dedication of all those participants in WindWise Mass.

    We have the testimony of brother Hubert in France, of Lilly Green and husband Preston Ribnick, who have travelled to other side of the world to listen to our family in suffering, and the brilliant acousticians down under, those that teach us of the disastrous effects of modulated noise that are produced AS A WASTE PRODUCT by the wind machines.
    We the people
    We have the promises made in the Massachusetts and United States Constitutions, and the Bill of Rights to protect our lives and our property.

    We have the pathological evidence learned from the autopsies done on the bats whose little lungs were exploded by the pressure waves produced by the blades.

    For people of conscience, for people of good will, for those who understand what it is to be a good samaritan—it is action that we demand, it is action that we shall do!


  6. Comment by sue Hobart (Falmouth, MA) on 01/18/2012 at 5:30 pm

    Go Marshall! I think we need to start with creating a list of the thousands of WTS victims and their personal experiences.

    I am not, but wish I could be the one to begin that… Sadly, not savvy in that area of organization.

    As “ground zero” for the McPherson Report, however, I will talk if asked… but Not to those so-called “experts” who ALREADY know all the answers…

    Real judges and juries, indeed!

    I think your idea is entirely appropriate.

    You are a fine voice, my good man… bless you.


  7. Comment by Tom Whitesell on 01/18/2012 at 7:14 pm

    Dear friends of NOT BIG WIND! I would like to urge you to contact these (below) and all the other online petition organizations you can collectively find and contact, and urge them all to solicit signatures to send in one gigantic package to the International Court of Justice. These groups accomplish such wonders as getting 500,000 signatures on a single given petition and sending them to Obama, and so on. They sway legislation worldwide.

    Tom Whitesell

    Friends of the Earth U.S.
    Washington DC | San Francisco CA
    Friends of the Earth Action
    1100 15th Street NW, 11th Floor
    Washington, DC 20005
    202-222-0728 phone
    202-783-0444 fax


    credo action

    roots action

  8. Comment by Hube (France) on 01/19/2012 at 12:58 am

    Dear Marsh,

    This morning at 04:54, very strong turbine vibrations woke me up, again.
    Now I’m up, and the radio’s on, to drown this crazy noise out, again.
    But that’s not my point. My point is: my computer’s on too, and you’re here, again.

    Some “agains” are better than others.

    I can even see your face on this page and I found myself saying: “Nice to meet you, Marsh!”
    I like the fighting spirit in your “call to outrage”. I like it when you review “what we have” in your reply to the supporting comments following it.
    It’s like counting ammo before battle.
    And aiming high.

    Thanks for being there, Marsh.
    I’m with you, brother!

    We’re all together in this.
    “Oui the People!!!”

    God bless you, Marsh.

  9. Comment by Andreas Marciniak (Australia) on 01/19/2012 at 2:24 am

    Hi to one and all from “down under,” where the same battle is raging. I’m sure you will find a lot of support down here in Australia and in China, where they mine the rare earth for the magnets to be put in these monsters, and leave nothing behind but toxic waste.

    I’m sure we would have hundreds of people in every State of Australia who would sign a petition, or send you a letter with their complaints about wind turbines, and how they affect their life and health. We would also benefit from your experience on the other side of the world. We have the technology to talk and send information around the world in seconds 24/7. I would be the first to sign or send my information to you, describing what happened when the Waterloo turbines (South Australi) came on line just over a year ago.

    Kind regards to all of you around the world,


  10. Comment by Gail (Italy) on 01/19/2012 at 3:07 am

    We are fighting legally, too.

  11. Comment by Wanda ( South Australia ) on 01/21/2012 at 3:09 am

    Hi one and all WTS sufferers!

    I am one that will sign any petition that will rid us of these monsters that are ruining my husband’s and myself health and life. Even my relationship with me husband is suffering.

    We still live in Waterloo (Australia), where the turbines are 150m-plus tall. We can’t afford to move but are thinking that we may have to go away in a caravan at night to get some sleep, but only one of us can go at the time, because we have animals that need to be feed morning and night, and that is costing us relationship problems on top of all the health issues which we have to coupe with.

    I read Hubert’s article and was suprised to hear about his fever. My husband and myself are having the same problem, we are both burning up at night, we even had the fan going and the windows open in the winter time, and I have been getting heart palpitations only at night and only when I am at home and, like Hubert, they only last for about 30 sec.

    There is one other thing I would like to say: Has anyone become suicidal? My husband got so bad, he started to have dreams and thoughts of ways to kill himself. (He is okay, but only because I had to talk him into going on a camping trip.) I myself go to town a lot only to find myself relaxing to the point that I find myself starting to doze off at the wheel on the way home. (Now I am too scared to drive!)

    We need to stop these monsters from being built. And the government needs to stop subsidizing billions of dollars to these greedy wind organizations, when that money could be spent on geothermal or nuclear, which is a much safer alternative.

    All the best to all worldwide WTS sufferers,


  12. Comment by LEGO (Germany) on 01/21/2012 at 4:34 am

    To Tom:

    I sent a one-pager to AVAAZ in my country (Germany), alerting them to the fact that infrasound/low frequency noise from wind turbines, A/C units, heat pump systems as well as heavy industry is making a lot of people seriously ill and that there is now solid scientific evidence that is proof that what tens of thousands of people are experiencing is REAL.

    Never heard back from AVAAZ. Not a single word.

    Fits the picture: We are no sexy tribe of bare-chested natives in an exotic country. We are ordinary people with a problem that is real but difficult to communicate. We are no cute baby seals with big sad eyes; we are boring, normal folks who even have houses and live in the countryside. What are we spoiled and privileged people complaining about?


  13. Comment by LEGO (Germany) on 01/22/2012 at 9:19 am

    Update: Yesterday, my local newspaper was featuring a half-page article on “Transition to Sustainable Energy—a Social Experiment.”

    Not a single word about people who have no choice but to fight against green-washed technology because it is making them physically ill; instead, lots of babble about people who are too inflexible to change, who can’t understand technology etc. People would oppose wind parks merely “for aesthetic reasons” … And, yes, we are all “spoilt,” of course.

    Being German I know what can happen when we “experiment” on people: We were “experimenting” on generations of young men that got sent to their certain deaths to fight stupid wars and 70 years ago we were “experimenting” in the name of science on the most helpless members of our society.

    After the war, the USSR was “experimenting” on people on a large scale when they locked up 40 million people in the former GDR and took away their freedom of speech, their freedom to travel, their freedom to get an education and gave them socialism instead. And, guess what: they even got a lot of help from us Germans, as we LOVE experiments…

    It is depressing how we haven’t changed in a 100 years: We Germans love to sacrifice OTHER people’s lives, OTHER people’s health… for profit, for power and because of our ignorance. Now our government has plans that would require installing 69.000 wind turbines in a country that is as big as New England…

    Mr. Rosenthal, I wish we had more people like you.


  14. Comment by Hube (France) on 01/23/2012 at 10:01 am

    Dear Wanda,

    How terrible your life must be, I’m so sorry for you and your husband!

    Yes, fevers happen to me, strange fevers, as I explained. Confronted to turbine vibrations during sleep, I thought, the mind tries to fight the noise away, and starts to lose it after a moment! A rapid and violent fever could then be a reaction, an erratic reaction, from the body and mind that cannot fight, eventually.

    But I’d rather let you know about Dr. Sarah Laurie’s explanation about those fevers I described to her, fevers which, incidentally, could happen during wakefulness, I guess (Sarah kindly told me I could quote from her emails) :

    [Quote] “Hubert, what I think is happening is that deep in your brain, it is being stimulated by the low frequency noise/infrasound. Via the vestibular system, as discussed by Nina, and perhaps also via another mechanism, but there is no doubt that the body’s fight / flight sympathetic nervous system is being activated in all sorts of ways with exposure to wind turbines, and it is also increasing the body’s stress hormone – cortisol. Chronic elevated cortisol is not good for your health.” [End of quote.]

    About your fear to drive, I’m just, right now, in the middle of it: I should be at work, NOW, in a town that’s two hours away from here. Well, I didn’t go: fear to drive, too dangerous in my present state. That’s not the first time I’ve postponed a trip by car since I’ve been violently hit by WTS and sleep deprivation. On several occasions last year, I drove to work, and back home VERY SLOWLY.
    Now, I merely don’t go.

    As far as the very delicate problem of suicidal thoughts is concerned, I’d like to tell you that, given the terrible mental state those damn machines put us into, days after days, nights after nights, such thoughts are highly natural to have, as “passing thoughts”, I mean.
    I myself have had such thoughts but they never stayed. That was after a few months’ turbine nightmare, when I had no idea what was happening to me and yet saw myself being destroyed.
    Now that I AM destroyed and I know WHY, I don’t have those suicidal thoughts anymore. And yet, I’ve never had the impression of being so close to falling apart, these days. Well, maybe it’s because being “so close to the end” also means I am so close to the end… of the problem?
    It all depends on what “end” you’re talking about, I think.

    Sometimes, the mind runs ahead of you, and you’re unaware of where it is.

    You see, I’m going away from my house, and I DON’T KNOW how to do it, practically.
    So I’m ANGRY, DESPERATE, my life is UPSIDE DOWN, the feeling of INJUSTICE, the feeling that some GREAT WRONG is being done to me, this feeling KILLS ME, or at least what the turbines have left of me. Besides, as I’m still stuck here or in this region where I hear the turbines, I’m still under attack regularly.
    BUT, despite all that…, I guess, deep in my mind, some part of me KNOWS I’m going away.
    I don’t know, Wanda.

    What’s for sure is, God! …ask for — and take — all the help you can get. You DESERVE IT.
    I’ll say it again and again: Calvin Martin, Nina Pierpont, Sarah Laurie did help me, a lot, and still are.
    People posting comments or replies on this site ARE helping too.
    A lot, too.
    Here at home, FRIENDS, true friends, ARE helping me.

    So, Wanda, I do hope you’ll go through this, with all the help you can get, from here and from there, from everywhere.


    Keep faith, Wanda. Both of you.

    My best regards to you.


  15. Comment by Neil on 03/27/2012 at 3:20 pm

    Well done! Here in the UK it is just the same, only an interest in money. The Government has its head up its behind and its hand in our pockets. Nothing new there, but the days are numbered.

    As people realise we need conventional power stations as well as these costly white elephants, they see how many lies the wind industry has told them, and how the stupid politicians have believed this rubbish.

    Good luck and God save us from these money grabbing developers. With more free government money available than the total GDP of lots of countries, its little wonder these vultures are circling. They would sell their own grandmothers for less.

  16. Comment by Kaz Pease on 07/09/2014 at 7:56 am

    I am sitting here in my peaceful home in rural Maine, watching the sunshine creep down the mountains as it rises behind me, and listening to the robins and the chickadees begin their day with uplifting songs. I am surrounded by beauty and yet…I am troubled.

    From where I’m sitting, nothing has changed. Maine is still under siege by industrial wind developers. But Maine is a tiny part of this massive wind energy effort. Friends in states all around the country and in Canada, Europe and Australia are being driven from their homes…and they are the lucky ones. Others cannot leave and are forced to endure physical, emotional and mental anguish. Financial ruin. Ridicule and insult.

    Where are we? Are we burned out? Too tired and disheartened to continue to fight? Have we given up? Admitted to ourselves that we cannot succeed?

    I know that, individually, we’re still in this fight…doing what we can, where we can. We still write letters, still show online support for friends who are suffering and still answer calls when we can.

    But our true power is in coming together, isn’t it? Everywhere we look, there are heroes. Doctors, acousticians, the rare politician and reporter…each standing up and speaking out. Brave…but often, alone. And then what? Then they are rebuffed, besmirched, ignored…

    I know we are tired. Discouraged. I know I am.

    But I also know we can’t give up. When we back down, when we rest, when we let our guard drop, the industry moves in to take advantage. It knows what it’s doing. It has a well-orchestrated plan.

    Do we?

    Sending my love and thanks to all who have given (and are giving) so much. Some might say ‘too much’. But it’s not enough yet, is it?

    Hugs from Lexington Township, Maine


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