From Receptor 98288 to Auschwitz 98288 (Editorial)

Jan 24, 2013


WTS Receptor

—Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

If you live within the shadow of a “windfarm,” did you know that you are no longer considered a “person”?  You’re now a “receptor” and you’re given a number.  Say, Receptor 15.

You think I’m joking?  I’m not.  Wind companies now refer to people as “receptors” — a receptor with a number assigned by the wind company.

Thus, my name is Calvin Martin, except, if I live within a windfarm, I would be Receptor 15 — or whatever number I am assigned by Big Wind.

I’m going to repeat this.  I am no longer a human being—a person—suffering from wind turbine infrasound & low frequency noise; I am Receptor 15 who is “annoyed” by what I “allege” to be infrasound & low frequency noise.

The people driving me out of my home and destroying my health, the people driving my livestock to distraction and driving away the wildlife, the people turning my bucolic landscape into an industrial wasteland and turning me and my neighbors against one another — these people call me Receptor 15.

Or Receptor 98288.  (Just a bigger number.)

Consider Leon Greenman.  Mr. Greenman was “Leon Greenman” till he found himself living within the boundary of a concentration camp in Hitler’s Germany.  A concentration camp where the Third Reich was engaged in the “natural experiment” of liquidating what the National Socialists (Nazis) considered the “weaker” and “less desirable” members of the human species.

Thus Mr. Greenman got hauled off to a camp called Auschwitz, and was stripped of his name.  To the staff at Auschwitz, he became No. 98288.


Here’s what keeps me awake at night.  How short a step is it from Receptor 98288 to Auschwitz 98288, I wonder? Both programs being necessary—Were they not?—for the greater good of society, for the greater good of the earth (to avert global warming, in the case of wind energy), and of course the greater good of the fatherland.  Both create jobs—don’t forget that bonus.  And both create a large redistribution of income.  Both are technological, organizational, and propaganda marvels—one showcasing the ingenious technology of mass genocide-while-pretending-it’s-okay (inspired by the Chicago stockyard/slaughterhouse model, some historians argue), the other the ingenious technology of mass illness-while-pretending-it’s-not-happening.

Both programs are altogether brilliant “natural experiments.”


  1. Comment by sue Hobart on 01/24/2013 at 7:03 pm

    well said Calvin … Indeed!

    Editor’s note:  The author, Sue Hobart, is Receptor #1 in Falmouth, Mass.  If “1” is not branded on her forearm, I assure you it is branded on her brain—on her psyche, her soul.

  2. Comment by Jackie on 01/24/2013 at 7:38 pm

    Yes, I am #148 AWP – Bruce County (Kincardine) Ontario …

    Since the original map went up with #’s on this project, our group confirmed that some of the sites for the turbines were not located according to their GPS tags. They have since corrected them, but state the NOISE modelling has not changed … hmmmm. So I have started signing my letters to the local municipality & newspapers with #148 (I think)

    Oh, the reason for the mistakes in this comment: human error (not once but several times … I think).

  3. Comment by Bill Carson on 01/24/2013 at 7:38 pm

    In Germany during World War II millions of people were put to death and tortured . We have to ask what was the general population of Germany thinking when millions of people vanished?

    The truth is when asked after the war the average citizen of Germany says they didn’t know what was going on!

    The residents living around the Vestas V82 wind turbine in Falmouth have been tortured for the last three years. The Town Meeting Members voted to continue the beatings until futher notice and refused to shut the turbines down because of their pocketbooks.

    I think the Town Meeting Members actually are throwing their neighbors under the bus for a few bucks. If blood was coming out of their ears and nose they would say the people got their land cheap or they should have known they would build a wind turbine at this location.

    The Japanese had a camp, Number 731, where experiments were conducted on prisoners. Today the torture continues!

    Did you ever wonder how all the torture starts? Look at what’s going on in Falmouth with residents selling other residents’ souls for a fistfull of dollars !

  4. Comment by David Moriarty (Falmouth, Mass) on 01/24/2013 at 8:44 pm

    I have been warning people in my town for over a decade about the adverse effects of wind turbines. I have been banished from the Democratic Party that I have supported since I was a teenager. Everyone in the Party has shunned me. I have been branded a fanatic. I have seen this and experienced this behavior personally.

    I thank God every day that I know who I am and know that what other people think of me is none of my business. That is the only reason I’m able to keep fighting. Everything that the previous writer has reported is true. This is a physiological, sociological, ideological and financial war being waged againist every living creature on the face of the earth that will take many men and women of courage to overcome, if we are to survive.

    I believe the war has begun and now it is time to stand up and fight.

  5. Comment by Kaz on 01/24/2013 at 8:49 pm

    So … let’s put a stop to it.

    I’m quite adept at controlling my temper, but I find I’m reaching the tipping point.

    I am not yet a victim of wind turbine noise—whatever frequency it comes in. But I’ll say this much—no one messes with my family. Not while I’ve got breath left in me. I don’t care what size or shape they come in … don’t give a hoot about how much money or power or clout they have. They’ll have to step over me before they can willfully abuse those I love.

    I’m also not willing to stand by and watch others be sacrificed for the “corporate good,” either. I’ve had it up to HERE (and I’m six-plus feet tall, so that’s a goodly amount…)

    What can be done? What will be effective? We talk amongst ourselves and write comments on forums and preach to the choir about the injustices … but what can we DO to fix this?

    I’m a writer but I don’t think written words will accomplish … diddly.

    So, what can we DO?

    Yep … I’ve had it up to HERE.


    Editor’s note:  Kaz, God bless you! I’m 65 (in a couple of weeks), and I’ve rarely met a woman or man like you! I go to bed at night, comforted by knowing you’re “there” — you’re alive and you are who you are.

    My two cents’ worth: There has to be massive civil disobedience. On Saturday, in Toronto, Canada, there is going to be a massive demonstration against the fascism of wind energy in rural Ontario. (The organizers are hoping and praying it will be massive. Even if it is not, it’s a start.) Five years ago, that demonstration would not have happened. Ten years ago, no one was talking about infrasound and WTS.

    In his “Letters to a Young Poet,” Rilke declared “Patience is everything”:

    “Time is no measure there, a year is worthless, and ten years are nothing. To be an artist means not to calculate and not to count; to mature like a tree that does not pressure its sap and stands amid the spring storms with assurance and without the slightest fear that summer might not come. It does come. But it comes only for the patient ones, who stand about as if eternity lay before them, so unconcernedly still and vast. I learn this every day, learn it amidst considerable pain, for which I am grateful. Patience is everything!”

    Until there is massive civil disobedience, we keep up the fight, we keep bearing witness. We comfort the Hubert de Bonnevilles. We hug and kiss goodbye the slaughtered eagles.

    Rainer Maria Rilke

  6. Comment by Anonymous on 01/24/2013 at 9:07 pm

    Well, now’s as good a time as ever to bring up United Nations Agenda #21.

    According to this resolution, nations would be asked to voluntarily sign on. Every US president going back to George Herbert Walker Bush has done so.

    UN Agenda #21 speaks of sustainable economies, gated hamlets, complete with green zones and bicycle paths, with limited access for motor vehicles. Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?

    It also calls for clearing out of the countyside the squalid, disordered rural populations and the re-utilization of the seized lands for renewable energy installations. It projects, in all seriousness, the reduction of world population by 50%.

    If you happen to be an urban “receptor” of the criminal medical abuses of clean green energy, console yourself that you are just one of a long line of victims that have been experimented upon by their sadistic tormentors.

    Next time you hear some freshfaced university-spawned wonderkint spouting off about sustainable windpower and clucking about world over-population, consider that their professors, like the Nazi professors before them, had done their work well, shaping those young minds, readying them for the merciless future.

    Obama and his minions are, indeed, the perfect outcome of this neo-Liberal movement, one that exploits heartless futurists to carry out his exploitative “green” Agenda #21.

    Or is it just a bad dream?

  7. Comment by Curt Devlin on 01/26/2013 at 2:13 pm

    I cannot help being reminded of the tortured logic of Herbert Spencer, creator of a doctrine that came to be known as Social Darwinism.

    The Nazis frequently turned to this doctrine to justify atrocities against Jews, homosexuals, and other powerless social minorities. Accordingly, the demise of the weaker members of society is inevitable; no need to trouble ourselves over it. Turbine victims are just another form of this “natural selection.”

    One of the marvelous ironies of history is the degree to which modern biological science and evolutionary theory refute this idea.

    Edward O. Wilson, inventor of Social Biology, has shown that the behavior of social species is itself an unmatched weapon in the fight for survival. In my view, this demonstrates “survival of the socially cohesive.” We can and will overcome adversity and threats to our survival by sticking together.

    Perhaps one of the most important ways we do that is by communicating. Words and ideas and the truth do matter and matter greatly because they have the power to bring allies to our side and bind us together.

    I will be the first to admit that words often seem futile and it is difficult not to despair in the face of the forceful propaganda of the wind industry. But, in the end, I cling to a fragile hope that honesty, integrity, and speaking the truth with tenacity will prove to be one of our greatest weapons.

    Inspired by the courage of Stephen Biko in the face of overwhelming odds, Peter Gabriel wrote:

    You can blow out a candle
    But you can’t blow out a fire
    Once the flames begin to catch
    The wind will blow it higher

    Prof. E.O. Wilson, Harvard biologist

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