Another Wind Turbine Syndrome refugee (Falmouth, Mass.)

May 13, 2014


Editor’s note:  Sue & Ed Hobart have given up pursuing justice and truth and common sense in their efforts to shut down the privately-owned wind turbine next door to their (now, former) home in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  (The Hobarts moved away.)  The  Town of Falmouth recently  decreed that the turbine, which has been making the Hobarts and their neighbors  ill for years, has in fact not been making them ill; that is to say, the town decided that the Hobarts and their neighbors have been fabricating their illness.

Sue Hobart has responded to this cruel decision by writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper.

turbine eviction

From:  Sue Hobart
To:  Editor, Cape News
Regarding:  A different kind of truth
Date:  5/12/14

We are giving up fighting the so-called Webb NOTUS wind turbine battle.  It drove us from our home, harmed our health, caused me to move my business and ruined our financial future and the value of our home.  Worse yet, the trust we used to have in human nature and basic compassion is gone.

But KNOW that we are not giving up because we are wrong, lying, crazy or trying to somehow extort money, as some around town would like you to believe.

We just realize the lengths these wind developers will go to destroy us.  Never have we been in the line of fire of such evil as we have with these legal maneuverings of these last months.  It is now clear that they will say and do absolutely anything to keep their big GREEN ($$$$) machine turning, torturing and bringing in the bucks.

So, they can have their blood money and gloat in their shallow victory.  But they will NEVER be the innocent ones, here.

Life is finite but valuable.  Both Ed & I are more than half over in that area.  We give them no more space in our life.  We live the truths, which are absolute and clear in the eyes of God and those who care enough to understand that this world is not as it should be and that lies will never become truth through repetition or warped statistical analysis.

This turbine thing has been a real life changer. Man’s ego, greed and arrogance are terrifying.  And we have no answers that can override compassion, humility and the perfection of nature left to its own healing.  But we will exercise our option to heal and keep telling the truth.

Maybe, with a little time and space in between, we can smile and feel a little peace before our time here is through.


  1. Comment by Sharon on 05/13/2014 at 2:41 pm

    Ed and Sue,

    I too have been thinking of doing the same, as I know how greed, money and politics work. Two years ago, I said to family members, “You watch…the Town of Falmouth will wait it out and try new avenues to drag this turbine problem to the point where people will give up.”

    My move will be out of MA, as I have had the privilege of living in many places across this great land (thank you Mom and Dad). Turbine designs of today will be obsolete in the not too distant future. Who will be responsible for the decaying dinosaurs then?

    My vertigo is back and I had to cancel Mother’s Day with my son. But hey, as long as everybody else is in ignorance and bliss who aren’t living under or close to these monsters, why care? Actually, the real monsters are those who allow people to suffer and do so willingly.

    Ed and Sue, you have my sincere sympathy and know a new chapter awaits you. I firmly believe in karma as I have witnessed it numerous times in my lifetime. I wish you well and renewed health.

    Sharon Eddy

  2. Comment by Marshall Rosenthal on 05/13/2014 at 3:14 pm

    The heartbreaking story of Sue and Ed’s battle with those who have done them out of their home, and Sue’s health, tears deeply at me. They epitomize the victims of a vast conspiracy. I use the term “conspiracy” at once to definitively assert and accuse the entire polity of this nation, and that of many other nations, in a cabal to transfer wealth unto itself, at the expense of the rest of the world, a rapacious and colonizing scheme, the likes of which have NEVER been seen before in history.

    Why this is so important is that the very fabric of humane existence is being shredded, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of this nation.

    Make no mistake. This is happening intentionally. Soon, if not already, the legal status of the individual will pass under the aegis of the regulators, in a society beholden to legalistic rules promulgated by appointed functionaries working for the administrative agenda.

    This is precisely the world that Jesus walked into, with Rome and its captive lackeys ruling into the spiritual life of the people. He was all about telling the truth, not suppressing it with lies and fraudulent medical and acoustic studies.

    I think we need to focus more attention on Him and His message.

  3. Comment by Brad Blake on 05/13/2014 at 3:16 pm

    Peace and quiet be with you, Sue & Ed. You put up an admirable fight and I will always honor you for that. So sorry about the years of Hell with the turbine.

  4. Comment by Anonymous on 05/13/2014 at 3:20 pm

    “But for the grace of GOD, go I”

    We all know we could or will be next.

    The realization stuns one into silence. My blood runs cold. Somehow this feeling of aloneness amongst cruel indifference and desensitized acceptance that this is OK seems familiar. Oh yes, you know, when the world turned a blind eye then said, “We didn’t know!” or when the world shouted, “Barabas!”

  5. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/13/2014 at 3:33 pm

    Thank you, Calvin, for publishing Sue’s letter.

    I am so sorry that she and Ed have had to join the ranks of Wind Energy Refugees across-the-globe. It is still so mind-boggling to comprehend and accept that this atrocity is actually happening in our United States of America, let alone the entire earth. I am reminded that I must stop marking-time and letting things keep me from taking the final step to let-go — as Sue and Ed have also been forced to do — and move-on. It is so difficult to admit defeat and truly realize and accept that the evil done by men is increasingly prevailing over justice and righteousness even in America, as we continue in this life in the flesh. I have to truly accept that the Iberdrola IWTs invading MY HOME are not going to be turned-off in the near future. I admire Sue and Ed tremendously for being able to open that dreaded door, walk-through it, and begin the rest of their lives anew. I know it is not easy, and I salute them, and thank them also, for their valiant efforts in this terrible war against all life on Earth.

    I have been overwhelmed for the past several months with too many things to do, and all that needs to be done in all of them. I am so thankful for your diligence, perseverance, and compassion in fighting in our cause. . . .

    I am still fighting to restore my adrenals to some semblance of normalcy, although I am still much-improved from how near to Death’s Door the IWTs drove me. I am only now truly comprehending just how near that was — that door was open and the gap was widening as I finally took your warnings and fled my home. Even now, 29+ months later, I cannot do nearly as much as I would like, and whenever I force myself to try it’s like walking a tightrope and falling-off — when I could have continued and completed the task in the past. Then, it takes renewed basic attention to adrenal-restoring actions just to fight to climb-back-up onto that tightrope. I can’t even reach for the trapeze, let alone leap to it. But, I trust God that He is keeping me in His will and purpose, covered by His Healing Wings, and I just have to exercise the faith He gives me and do what I can each day.

    Thank you Calvin, Dr. Nina, Sue and Ed, and EVERYONE fighting the war for All of us against the continuing onslaught of that MONSTER:

    Itasca Small
    Wind Energy Refugee from Iberdrola Wind Power Plant, Navajo County, Arizona, U.S.A.

  6. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/13/2014 at 3:41 pm

    It appears that Marshall, Brad and I were writing our comments at the same time!

    Marshall, you have truly stated the overall situation perfectly!

    And, Brad, your heartfelt words say so much!

  7. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/13/2014 at 3:59 pm

    12:55PM in Arizona:

    Alas! I’m late eating lunch; went to the last article, by Curt Devlin, but could not read it. Had to just scan the thread and bookmark the page, as I am now, once-again, looking up at the underbelly of that Adrenal Tightrope. Realizing that I’ve fallen-off yet another time, and the day’s agenda has changed to one of forced rest!

    I hope I can read the other thread fully tonight. . . .

  8. Comment by gail mair on 05/14/2014 at 3:23 am

    Dear Sue and Ed,

    It’s 7 years since we abandoned our home in Tuscany (Italy) at the ages of 52 and 59. We have made a new life and prevented a similar disaster in the Italian Alps (Malser Heide Reschenpass/passo Resia). This is worth living for; we asked for help and it was given to us 100-fold. The tactics of Big Wind were the same — but they met with such opposition that they were forced to back down. It seems that at the moment we can only prevent this cancer spreading but be assured — the disease will consume itself, and soon.

    Enjoy each turbine-free moment. Be glad you have made the decision to leave. It shows that you know what is important in life.

    When you know what hell is, “ordinary” life appears as what it is — a divine gift.

  9. Comment by Marshall Rosenthal on 05/14/2014 at 9:21 am

    Dear Itasca,

    Permit me to momentarily step out of the role of wind warrior, and share with you some information that may contribute to your speedy healing.

    You have done the best thing for your recovery in leaving the affected area of the wind turbines. Your body will immediately begin to respond away from the toxic environment that they caused. Rest and distance are necessary.

    There is one more thing that you might try. When Pat Garbarg, MD, psychiatrist, came down with what was found to be Lyme Disease, caused by the bite of a spirochete infected tick, she lost 90% of her body energy. Her husband, Gary Schwartz, MD, a researcher in anti-depressive substances for his test patients, discovered the restorative properties of the central Asian herb, Rhodiola rosea. Upon putting Pat on a course of Rhodiola, even before it was certain that she she was infected with Lyme, she was able to recover 80% of her energy.

    There are several provisos you should consider.

    First, the pathway of your injury is still unclear. I think that the ILFNs (infra-sound and low frequency noise), usually inaudible, are the toxic cause of the breakdowns that happen to the body organs. Sleep deprivation can trigger these failures. I don’t know if that was one of the occurrences in your home.
    Next, since the adrenals are part of the internal systems of body energy regulation, along with blood glucose uptake by the cells, which is compromised in diabetic scenarios, Rhodiola has been found to have a salutary effect.

    I have been taking the Ameriden International product for years, as suggested by Dr.’s Schwartz and Garbarg in their book, THE RHODIOLA REVOLUTION. I think that my frame of mind may reflect the presence of the maintenance dose in my system of this herb.

    And lastly, please understand that although I am not a licensed physician, I have given these matters my deep concentration since 2005, when MinutemanMan Wind, LLC, came to Savoy with its dog and pony show to win the hearts and minds of the hapless and clueless population, myself included.

    So, I write to you, very mindful of your sacrifice, and in the spirit of compassion. I want you to be well. I want you to be whole. I want you to help me carry this crucial message to waiting eyes throughout this world.


    Grandfather Marsh Wise Turtle, Adopted Elder in the Cherokee Nation

  10. Comment by Hubert de Bonneville (France) on 05/15/2014 at 4:57 am

    Dear Sue, dear all,

    “Worse yet, the trust we used to have in human nature and basic compassion is gone.”

    That’s the worst part of it, you’re right. The real damage is there, inside. And no little damage: it will make you think you are not a human being.

    How can one cope with that, in the end?

    You are a human being, Sue.

  11. Comment by sue hobart on 05/15/2014 at 7:15 am

    Yep … Barabas wins for Falmouth … and I am very ashamed. Not that I hold myself up to Jesus, but as a group our wind turbine victims are completely innocent and the profiteers are by no means the same.

    A gorgeous town with very UGLY people at the helm.

    Really sad.

  12. Comment by Marshall Rosenthal on 05/16/2014 at 8:36 am

    Dear Itasca,

    Sometimes my memory plays tricks with me. This is a correction. The doctors I referred to are Brown and Garbarg, not Schwartz, etc.

    The rhodiola product that I use that has such great benefits is “Rosavin Plus.” The “plus” is added electrolytes to assist the herb to enter the body system more readily. I obtain it on-line from Ameriden International.

    I have suggested it for individuals complaining of “chronic fatigue syndrome.” You see, I also have done energy healing work, more lately as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Some of my clients have had such body energy issues.

    I suspect that your adrenal gland issues are the result of organ shutdown due to chronic exposure to the ILFNs from the turbines. Now that you have removed yourself from that source, I believe you have an excellent opportunity to heal yourself.



  13. Comment by BARRY FUNFAR on 05/17/2014 at 12:13 am

    A heavy toll is being extracted from the lives of Falmouth’s and all wind turbine victims. That is time at home, which for most people is “the place” to rest, relax, and recharge. Our time is stolen from us, and where we once sought the peace and tranquility of our gardens or quiet outdoor reading, we spend attempting to regain that which has been lost to the politics of GREEN.

    Anyone whose life has been assassinated by a TOO NEAR wind turbine sees no green but RED. As the now over four-year fight for our rights to our property, health, and quality of life in Falmouth continues, many of our original core have departed. No one enjoys being a second-class citizen. No one enjoys spending their retirement savings battling the town. The fight is time-consuming and financially devastating and promotes sometimes severe friction in relationships. I blame no one for dropping out and putting the nightmare behind them.

    The terms “nightmare,” “torture,” and “stress generator” are all by-products of these mammoth machines. They pop up like giant mushrooms, and with their toxic zones are capable of eliminating at least some of us. Flight or fight! How many more years can this last?

    Sue and Ed are my friends. Ed, born and raised in Falmouth, has had his hometown treat him very callously. With that I mean with little compassion, as in NO compassion to the nuisance of the Webb WT to his property.

    One does not always get what he deserves, but this is a crime against humanity.


    Barry Funfar

  14. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/21/2014 at 4:16 pm

    I’ve just returned to this page and found more comments! I appreciate all that everyone has shared.

    In reply to Marshall’s messages to me personally, I am truly grateful for your concern and sharing your experiences and suggestions for my health issues — including the Rosavin Plus!

    If my experience can be helpful to others in this War Against the Wind, I offer more details:

    My personal conundrum is many-fold. Years of not being able to find doctors who were educated before what I call The Corticosteroid Revolution of the 1950s & ’60s, kept me from getting knowledgeable and effective diagnosis and treatment for familial adrenal insufficiency. Treating the symptoms of other problems rather than correctly targeting the root causes of everything had brought me to a precarious situation when the IWTs were turned-on about 11.25 miles from my remotely located home where the ambient noise on my property was subsequently measured to be 17.5dBA.

    The infrasound was the last straw that nearly broke the camel’s back. Over time, other victims who do not leave will experience the same results. My adrenals were already near Addison’s Disease. Adding the infrasound drove my adrenals to desperately try to respond to the assault, just as the infrasound does with all living beings in reaction to the assault and the resultant stress and cellular damage. As far down as my adrenal function had already fallen, they couldn’t meet the demand, and damage continued even faster.

    When I finally had to admit that I HAD TO LEAVE my home, I was in Addison’s and truly at Death’s Door. (Calvin was instrumental in getting-through-to me that I had to get out!) Leaving the IWT environment helped greatly, but, I knew I also needed to know how to heal my adrenals. I found a book, “Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress Syndrome,” by Dr. James L. Wilson, an older, now-retired doctor who had been trained before the pharmaceutical companies successfully indoctrinated medical professionals in the evil “wonders” of synthetic corticosteroids, etc. He knows the efficacy of using purified adrenal cortical cell extract as the basis of a treatment program and has been travelling the globe teaching medical professionals the truth.

    I’ve been trying to follow his program, but keep over-stressing my adrenals by trying to do all the things I believe I need to do, and there are also still sound waves and EMF from Hi-Voltage wires less than 100 feet away, that exacerbate the problem here in my sister’s urban refuge. So, I’m definitely better away from the IWTs, but, am having to learn the hard way that I must follow the program, just cannot do very much, must eat on-time, and can’t stay up late. It is very frustrating, but am trusting and having faith in God!

    I will definitely check into the Rosavin Plus! Thank you!!!


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